Friday, March 15, 2013

Paro Tsechu

Paro Techus (Religious Festival), a grand social time as well as spiritual significance. We the Bhutanese family rose early and dressed us all in traditional handwoven silk kiras, bejewelled with antique red coral and turquoise necklaces, and attended the festivities in the very early morning at the five story high dzong. (built in the 16th Centuary and houses the courts, government and monastic offices for the area). Before the sun moved around through the morning hours, we will have an opportunity to kiss the painting of Guru Rinpoche.
So, the Paro tsechu will start from 24th of this month, grab the opportunity to  be the audience to watch mask dances and get blessed yourself.

 Preparation for Paro Tsechu:

I snapped this photo in the evening .. sorry its not clear because I snapped it from distance... You may be wondering what so important about this river, to ease the peoples comfort many volunteers came and built the temporary wooden bridge so that the people can walk straight to the Dzong. Where the mask dances were displayed...

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