Saturday, September 12, 2015

Smiling Wide ^^

Current facial expression of mine :P
...edges of mouth
 reached almost bottom of my ears..
 Hello everyone,
I hope you're enjoying your weekends. I've been thinking about my weekdays, and yes, its busiest week. Cultural practices for annual variety show in the school made a week an absolute nightmare. Today our school is concluding an annual variety show, with 34 items in total… I hope our brilliant students will colour the stage with special inbuilt talents... 
 I craved for weekends and you are here, profound thanks! My favorite season is around the corner again. Summer SERIOUSLY is humid and full of leeches here.  I'm NOT a fan of humidity and creepy creature. .. Sometime, I wish to make blood sucker into two halves but I cannot do that, as they encompass a life as well(yes, I am always a Religious minded Rupa, wink! :P just an adjectives here. :P )
So, the best way to prevent humidity and leech is by staying indoors, watching Gopi bhahu(Sathiya) and exploring few more channels provided by ‘Trongsa Cable Service Provider Pvt. Ltd.’ :P haha 
Today, my blog have brought a new visual treat to you(I mean a logo of CBB at right_Top of my blog :P)Now you are looking there? Yes! I ddn't lie to you alright :P haha… If you have visited my little space earlier; today you will see a massive change in my blog design :P I have just borrowed prices less blog design from Mr. Sherab. I checked the zakar and it says it’s a fine day for construction/reconstruction of anything, so I have painted my blabla blog with the base help from him. 
 Now I am smiling wide, wider than ever, my side edges of mouth reached almost bottom of my ears. I smiled wide: Just to welcome my favorite season, to enjoy weekends and to see my blog a profession one… wink ;) haha I mean to say, blog design huh, not my write up. My write-up is always blabla… 
Happy weekends to you! 
Buddha Bless You. 
P.S: Sherab, Nameysamey Kadrinchoelah… May your blog flourish with 1000’s of visitors each day and may your blog be useful to upcoming bloggers… haha :D Shhh! I am serious here :D

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