Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Thruebab^^Missing Rima^^ Winter Solstice...

My friend Rima, 'religious active woman :P.' 
You know, today I was sitting there reading this amazing blog which I recently discovered. And then it struck me that I haven’t done any decent story-telling in a while.. . Hence the story out of the blue here, today I wanna admit that I missed Rima, I am missing her presence in facebook and no blog updates from her made me to worry about her L. ‘I hope she would be fine and safe. I am assuming she is at her home in Indonesia and accessibility of networks would be poor. God bless my assumptions be true.’ Rainbow Troops by Andra Hirata, Told Me the story of Indonesia, I trust you. I can't say enough amazing things about my dear friend Rima, she is bit well matured in thinking but being with me nullify her maturity and become immediate OGB(Over Grown Baby). We hug doraemon, pose for wefie, as we love more wefie :P Blogging has truly brought so much joy to my life that I never, ever expected. One of my friend questioned me, 'What's the best blog advice you've received?', and my answer was to "always write for yourself". Writing for myself keeps me happy, and if I hadn't been, I may have quit by now, and wouldn't have met these amazing women!

Blogging is definitely hard work. I write for fun. I jot down my feelings here. This blog is just my dairy, nothing more. Do not expect the perfect grammar, beautiful sentences or a wonderful paragraph. I am a woman who cannot think beyond the box. If you visit my blog you will go back with full of emptiness. But for me it’s worth every hour spent, every photo snapped,  every word typed, just to make new, fun friends from around the world. Some people ask if it’s really worth investing all the time. My answer? Heck yes, it’s worth it. Miss blogger! one of my colleague cried in a very sarcastic voice, ‘Free period is to prepare the lesson plan not to go though the blogs, you are paid for your job not for blogging…and grinned.’ I smiled back and replied, ‘Yes you are true but I am women who preplan everything. I don’t postponed nor do I escape the period provided for me. I make my period worth learning for children,  I am not like you who sleep bongbong at home and you don’t get a bit of time to breathe during your leisure hours… blabla” 
“You suppressed me with your howry(nonsense) dialogue.” He added. :P I smiled wider then and brust into LOL...

Now, I amasking you a question, listen to me...
How do you usually behave when you’re over the moon happy about something? Smiling? 
Yes that’s a start.
 Being nicer to people around?  Absolutely. 
Treating friends for drinks or food? Hmmm…not advisable but not uncommon either… Today infact I am happy plus sad too. Huh?? Confused?? You know why am I sad alright?? Now, I will tell you why am I happy as well... Its been almost a month that I have been learning how to drive a car… Rough and tough road made my learning the Toughest, Scariest and Funniest  one. You know, last week I was driving towards Kingarabten and a huge truck approached me and instead of giving him a side, I charged him by stopping right in front of that truck, that was an unplanned charge I can say lol :p haha… That driver was laughing at me, instead of gnashing his teeth. I begged him sorry and said, 'I am a learner here…' :( I can dRive bit better than last week thats the reason of my hapiness :P

Source: Sonam Tenzin(Blogger)
Haha I am out off topic now, actually I am here to wish you a very happy blessed rainy day(Read more  about thruebab here :P) and also to greet winter solstice. I want to draw your attention to the power of Solstice as a healing time of the year. The period when the days are short and the nights are long has traditionally been viewed as a time for reflection, rest, and renewal, now my friend probably would get time to breath during his leisure hours. From today, we welcome the season for the laziest people and who love to sleep more and I call it as the season for piggy, I hope my piggy colleague will get time to plan lesson back at home and he wouldn’t complain about my blogging passion  :P haha kidding aside. “Do I really deserve to talk in these horrible ways?” haha anyways, spoken words cannot be retrieved alright,so you have to digest it piggy colleague :P. 
 You know,  from this season onwards; the spirit turns inward and enters a dormant state, making space for deep changes and new growth to take place. The mind calms but does not stop working; in fact, moving below the surface, as in a dream, it may find solutions to problems that are more active, conscious, deliberate kind of thinking was not able to solve. Yes, energy slows somewhat at this time of year, but more importantly it changes forms and works in different ways.  So, happy, autumn!  kick off the weird summer; smile wide to welcome beautiful autumn. 
Happy Thruebab^^Happy blessed rainy day!
May the rain purify your mind, body and soul.
 Stay Blessed Forever…I will bring more story about the thruebab celebrations... Please stay tuned for something awesome. :P

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