Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Dear Blog ^^

My Mom left today. She had stayed for a week to take care of me, and now there’s a vacuum in the apartment…

I stood by the roadside holding my phone wrapped inside my handkerchief in one hand and chips in another hand and sobbing softly, when she went inside the bus. Even though I am mother of 101 children, teacher of high school students, I behaved like a scared 2-year old. I wiped away my tears without the notice of any one. 

When the air is just warm

Mom left me waving her hands, “Eat meals on time, if you are scare to be in the apartment call any student to accompany you.” She whispered. Infact, that’s what I usually do.  I nodded by shaking my head… I couldn’t speak at that moment, as I am full of emotions; I knew my voice will shake, so I was mute in responding her  :P.  I waved back to her and whispered safe journey. I was treated like a princess. Nobody can replicate mom. Yes! mom is mom… 
Do you have the kind of feelings that you want to hold back and never let anyone know what you feel; yet you can’t just resist letting them know? If yes, do appear with me for I am feeling that way today. I wear big specs bigger than my face… Luckily I have big face so my specs really fitin, else I bet I look like a supendi(comedian character in comics). My eyes were swelled because of SobSob. So, I can wear big specs and hide everything… :P

I am saying more often, I am not the kind who would sit with everyone to have a conversation talking all about me. I’m more on the listening side than do the talking system. My friends know about me, Rima knows that, Ugyen sir know as well :P I talk less. Yet today I feel so different like I wanted to grab my mom’s hand if only she’s with me right now and have the conversation throughout the day talking all about my week and plans. My mom had been my very best friend all the way. It’s unlikely now because I’m living apart from her and the sharing’s of my everyday life had been limited. 

I miss her DEADLY :P (My friend Mahendra use this word frequently :P ).
Then I remembered you, a loyal friend, and a silent confidante.
Patiently waiting for me to write. Something. Anything.
So I did. . 

P.S: Reader, thank you for being with me. I appreciate your reading! Those who just pass by my page I whole heartedly welcome you, thank you for sharing your time.

Happy Thursday everyone!
Enjoy your day!
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