Thursday, October 01, 2015

Thoughts through mind ^^

In the following minutes I will try to write every single thing that goes through my mind. It's been a long time and in this rhythm I will tell every single reader a story which I have bo
This is me lying on couch. Sick-sick and sick!
Alawai! Sinimey! LOL :( :P :P 
ttled up, but I cannot promise you that I can tell you every bit and pieces of my feeling hehe… some sentences are prohibited from disclosing :P… That’s secret!
Many thing happened in and around the surrounding, we have celebrated International Ozone Day, International Rabies Day, International Elderly Day, Annual mock drill, received blessing for long life(Tsepami wang), annual exam kicked off with NIIT. Behind beautiful things around me, you know, this so called stomach ulcer is a bitch.
I woke up at 2:00 am on Tuesday morning for no reason.  In retrospect, I can see it was probably my body's way of telling me that I might die later that day. My life that morning was not particularly enjoyable.  I felt like my internal intestine had been punched by someone who is really enthusiastic about punching and therefore punches a lot.  In fact, they love punching so much that when they finished punching my internal organs, intestine, they moved on to punching my skin and all my muscles and also my eyes.  I am in pain almost the entire week. Oh my, I’m congratulating myself that I‘m almost able to surpass the whole week which seems too blur to see aback.  I don’t know why I have the feeling of hardship to deal my everyday this week.
 This pain been going on for days and night, on a scale from 1 to 15 it's a certain nine, if it cross the label of 9, I'll go crazy, or to be more exact I'll come closer to what people call certifiably nuts. Of course there are tons of moments when it's more than a nine.  Really unbearable pain! I prefer chilli less curry. Considering what I've gone through and am still going through it. I'd be happy if I could nullify the pain and bring down into the scale of zero.
Yesterday, I tried to convince myself that I was okay and I thought I should crawl upto School.  I tried to stand up, but I ended up head-butting the wall and crumpling to the floor again. I lay there on the couch staring at some words written by my student, which just said "Happy friendship day madam Rupa."  I started wondering whether that would be the last thing I ever saw.  It was a depressing thought for a few reasons, and then I throw my head on cushions and sleep it off. Knock knock on my door , it was already lunch, I picked up my phone and saw several missed calls and I opened doors and I saw my friends there. Shouting at me,’ did you eat chilli again L.’ They wanted me to take hospital. I don’t wanna go anymore, I tried to stand with my own feet, after several more unsuccessful attempts at getting to my feet, I finally made it.  I used this as an excuse to not go to the hospital.  "Hey, look at me!" I thought.  "I'm doing great!  Out of all my friends Yanchen seems very serious at me… :P shouting like a strict mother.  Kinda scared haha. Then I went hospital. The blood test showed no result it was normal.  The only thing that even hinted at what could be wrong with me was my k…..  After looking at my urine test the doctor was like "Your k…. is being weird." And I was like "Is it true?"  And the doctor was all "I don't know."  Haha. Four hours later, I wasn't dead and the doctors send me home with a antibiotic wrapped in a transparent plastic. He advised me not to eat spicy food, take meals on time, drinks lots of water and also he suggested me to do an endoscopy.
As I'm sure is the case with many of you, I walk that thin line. I nearly fall down. So when I go through a terrifying medical saga, I panic a little. Today I read a saga of a girl who died because of K….. disease. I cannot say more than, just uttering RIP.

I still don't know what is wrong with me, but I'm definitely not dead and I'm feeling a lot better today.
Just give me this day!
Its end of September my heart is just starting to have her second day of chilling!  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!!

Oh never mind, have a nice Friday!
Thanks for being with me!

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