Tuesday, October 08, 2013


Hello again, long lost friends! I cannot believe that I have neglected my poor, little blog for almost a week long! I do have some excuses, though, actually I am doing an action research, and this days I am collecting baseline data, which keeps me busy all the times. 

Rest came on Saturday, so, we took a trip to  Drugyel dzong. Fascinated to be emerged in this amazing place for the second time.  Our class girl’s friend was deciding to do a girls gathering and I stood and said, “Let’s go to Drugyel dzong, which is a very serene place.” They all agreed and we went for dry picnic on Saturday, towards the Drugyel dzong. Which is in complete ruins but so quiet and serene. It was the only dzong that has not been restored....as most others that had been destroyed by fires/quakes had been restored/ rebuilt and looked new & bright. It was wonderful ruin, so beautiful and so historically meaningful for the Bhutanese. And lovely to walk around such a fine place and enjoy the splendid views of the valley. All my friends loved the view of the mountains...a small village at the foothill is the perfect setting of the place. The Jhomolhari peaks are a great view. They really loved going around the dzong. We reached there around 12 PM. As soon as we reached there, I took my friends behind the utse to view the Jhomolhari peaks. My friend Yeshi told, “I will visit next time with my families, where we can find inner peace from the place, my first dose of happiness.”  We really enjoyed being there. We were showered with heavenly downpour, in the evening, that’s why we returned back early than the time we have estimated. We had our lunch with friends We rested, drank and breathe in the air of serenity. I still have that air preserved in my cell LOL…and had a photo session in a group and headed down to the valley. Which left sadness in my heart, because I was already in love with that place L
When I stepped into my room it was exactly 6 pm to 10 minutes.
Completely exhausted, did washing, got into my bed and I cannot be selfish. So, I wanted to share my trip however because of the corrupted net, I couldn’t do that right away. I already mentioned that I cannot be selfish right. So, I got little leisure time today and I wanted to share. So that you can visit that beautiful place later in future lol... We really enjoyed our visit of the place truly.
The ruin Dzong was beautiful and the area around was even more.
Watch out the snaps of the day... 

Laughing is the best medicine...lets have evergreen cooperation like dis in future as well... love you alll...

Ummm yammy alryt....

:P  ufss my bag!!!

:) they are beautiful... :)

Winter alredy welcume us... its cold here in Paro... My umbrella matches my coat ryt... diddn't notic dt :P 

Take a right desicion on right time.

Beautiful view of Jomolhari peak... :) 

Beauty is joy forever!!!

Dey are in their own pose... Love it Ana Yeshi...
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