Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dzongkhag Soprts Meet 2015 :)

Trongsa Dzongkhang,  conducted its Annual Sports Meet on 13th May till 19th May at Taktse Rigzung Higher Secondary School.
The Participating School were; Taktse RHSS, Samcholing Mss, Langthel LSS, Sherubling HSS and Tshangka MSS. Taktse was crowded with throngs of people. The students were bustling with energy ready to compete. A panoramic view of the field could be seen from a distance.
Director of TAKTSE College inaugurated the opening ceremony by lighting the Olympic torch and declaring the sports meet open followed by the national anthem, Marchang ceremony,  Principal's welcome speech, followed by a speech from the chief guest, and oath taking ceremony. The sports activites for the day begun with 200-400metres relay race, runs, jumps and throws. all the spectators were amazed by our students' enthusiastic performances.
Next day we have had ball and indoor games, which lasted four days.
I have brought you few visual treat from Taktse, please have a glance :)
All participants moved to their respective teams and huddled together.
The participants actively participated with zest and vigor. The team members were focused on their goal and tried to get in position. They wanted to try their best to bring down their opponent.

The participants had to warm-up before the activity began. They sprinted around the area they were stationed. Some did stretching exercises. The team members got tips from the coach.

The spectators were shouting and cheering loudly in support of their team. 

Many participants were impatient and anxious just because their team are about to loose.

Entertaiment program in the evening...

Team samcholing brought three cups…
Yipyip Hurah!!

Finally after four days of vigorous play, it was time to announce the winners. The winning team was felicitated by the guest of honor. The spectators were cheering loudly and applauding for their teams. They were chanting incessantly and waving their team flag. The day ended on a happy note…
Team samcholing brought three cups…
Yipyip Hurah!!!

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