Friday, December 11, 2015

iNtO 2015 Resolutions^^

Yesterday while going through piles on my table, figuring out what needed to be moved over to the dust bin and what needed to stay in files.  I discovered a notebook in which I had written my 2015 resolutions. As much as my busyness and professional life bleed into each other, it shouldn’t have surprised me to find that so did my goals, as far as I know. 100% pass result with quality marks of my students, reading minimum of 10 books, writing 44 blog posts, decreasing my frustration level, being down to the earth. What did surprise me was that most of these somewhat bigger aspirations have actually been put into practice this year or at least are close to coming to fruition. It’s crazy to think about how quickly the past eleven months have gone by. When every day feels like there aren’t enough hours, though, I suppose it shouldn’t be a shock that this year and all the opportunities it held are coming to an end…

Spending the week with good friends
Spending the week with good friends and upcoming holiday’s window has certainly put me in the strength, but sitting inside the home, it’s put me in a reflective mood as well. I always thought my dad was crazy when he said, “Just wait the older you get the fasted the years go.” How is that even possible? And yet… it’s so true. Time is precious. Time with friends, time better used, and time better spent. The last month has been a busy one as I have mentioned in the last post. October was reserved by my students and work , I felt like in December I went the opposite way staying home and prioritizng my personal time over work time, knitting, (is only the greatest hobby who born in December and expire in the same month… ).
Suddenly, it’s time for holidays and fun and travelling, family time, and I’m worried about the aspirations2015 resolutions and the huge to-do list for the next two weeks staring me in the face. Alawai! So, I guess it’s time to take the lessons learned from 2013 and better start working on some 2015 resolutions.
                                          Number 1?
 Be more disciplined with time. This doesn’t mean I need to work harder, but I definitely need to work smarter. Sticking to time, I need to plan well. Because now that I’ve finally become better at finding that balance of work and play, I certainly don’t give it up! (wink wink)
And this month will be the perfect time to start putting some of those ideas into practice! with a smile on my face. The good thing is that I’m absolutely excited for every bit of it,  to fulfill my resolutions and the holiday. So let me make the last month of 2015 one to remember, shall I!?
Las(okay) like today, I am reading the 10th book, if I include the four text books then I have fulfilled my aspiration alright. Hehe you know I hardly read books and last year I exactly remember, it was during National day, 17th of December, I posed for a photo snap and I accidently uttered, ‘These photos are for my blog post, I was blush blush then, I never intend to tell this… Damn me!’  My boss apparently heard it, “Yes  madam Rupa you do blog but I never seen you reading books? Boss confirmed.
I with all nononsense I notified her,” Madam, I finished reading 7 books.” Before I grin, she raised her eyebrows and stated, “Oh really? That sound good !”
I genuinely smiled at her.
“You want to know which books that I have completed so far?” I affirmed.
“Ya ya sure, can you tell me!”  She confirmed and smiled too.
“Bhutan history for class seven, Indian history, toposheet, Bhutan geography for class eight, principle geography for class eight, class seven science and class nice chemistry text book.” Nonstop flow of text books name made her to go all hahaha…
You know,  I always wished to become a serious reader, but I never became because I wasn’t serious about my destinations. When I kept your best wishes; very close to my heart, reminded to me constantly, worked smarter to achieve it and now watch what happened to me, “Wishes about to Fulfill” alright. I have read many wonderful books that gave me the “frequency” that became a gesture of joy and clarity as I now inhale contentment.
True motivating factor to let me read books were my blogger friends, who beyond doubt inspired me to read more books to have quality writing. I want to thank all of you for your words of inspiration and hope. I’ve encountered challenging times but with your inspiration I was uplifted an inch with an every fall and helped me to maintain a positive attitude and trust that “everything is as it should be, nothing is impossible”.

May you be blessed as you have blessed me.
  Loads of love and energy to you!

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