Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Goodbye November, Hi December^^

November sure went out with a bang for me and not in a celebratory way. It was a pathetic month for me, preparing questions, blue print, model answer, compiling CA, rushing to complete chapter, remedial support for students, calculating SUPW grade, preparation for annual examination, paper correction and result preparation really kept me busy. Thank god this busyness in me really washed away my bad emotions. Today; when I visited back to the memory of that past day, it was already elapsed. These raised smiles a broad!  Despite the busyness in my work field, we nailed TWO big events: 1) Birth Anniversary Of Our Fourth King and Annual School Award Night(ASAN). The fact was that it went as award Day instead of night hehe. We had a whole day of award ceremony day in Samcholing MSS. School administrations; thank you so much for these certificates, which will definitely going to be a motivating factors for me. “Really?” Oh! That’s slip of tongue. You know I was awarded with the certificate for being a matron, but nothing will turn my mind to be a matron then. Even the shower of goldly liquid every morning at my home, cannot hold me back. I hated this job. I was more like counselor and caged bird this year.  I need to give up and walk away; from this heck matronship. Truly; I am not designed to be a matron L ...
Thanks madam Phub for allowing me to post
this photo and helping me to wave farewell Nov. ;)
2015, these parts were hard for me this year!
-Presence of leeches.
-Being cynophobia.
-Meeting up with my friends.
-Being victim about my own weird feelings.
-Food that I eat.
-Being emotional fool.
-Hostel building being problematic.
-Dealing with tricky students in the school.
-Cough and cold,  didn’t recover as fast as it used to.
-Too many things happening!
-Having to tell people things they don’t want to hear.
-Anxiety about having conversations in which I tell people things they don’t want to hear. A lot of having to remember that now is not then.
-People I love were in freak-out mode, and it was painful to watch.
-I want a holiday so badly I can taste it. A proper holiday, with no work at all.
-I am doing things that scare me!
-Being with people I love.
-being depressed and in pain. But some of the pain got better and when I recognized the depression for what it was, that got better too.
2015, these were my favorite parts about you!
-Wearing my new cloths, and being warm, contented, comfortable, cozy.
-Mid-term vacation. Really was amazing. Next one is in January; it’s pretty close to full!
-Being able to read seven books :P my destination was to complete ten books in 2015, now I have only 30 days in hand. Please December be good to me to fulfill my objectives.
-I could buy a c.. for me, that’s kind of saving.
-School work, everything being superior.
-I was offered with multi workshop by school. I was pretty excited as I will be meeting up with my college friends. Pre-planned, Hi, guys!
-Being a Barca fan and left me undying smiles they proved me by being them championships, that was a very special and much dreamed-of thing. Xoxo
-I got to hang out with my Singaporean friend.
-Talked with my best friend, we spent hours on the phone giggling like teenage girlfriends sharing hilarious stories from classroom. Thanks teamViber for providing us with free call :P :P
-I met with capital H I M.
-I got a REALLY good piece of news that I am happy about^^

So, I am looking forward to an inner light for the month of December.
The sun rises over the Black mountain and I'm hoping I can wash away the busyness^^ tiredness of November as I try to capture the magic of December.

I have good news for me :P hehe you know, all of my life I had struggled with stomach ulcer, which included pains that were of the same kind to childbirth ( :P :P :P, I am talking as if I was a mother once) no worries I experienced through reading, it pained me. But this year I experienced less comparing to bygone years. Every disease in me must be waning. Happiest me! Thank god for everything^^
You might think kenchosum has forgotten you, No, he has not. Good news for you, your case file has been forwarded to him by the angels. So he is treating it now. You are next in line to confirm, you will be marked out for greatness. No matter what is happening around you, be pleased about.
Avoid anxiety, expect surprises from good. Almighty God can show up anytime even at the least expected time. Remember; we have 30 more days to go for this year to come to an end. You will restore, which you have lost, as long as you have faith in god.
Thank God for the year so far ^^
Happy New month J Happy December^^
Xoxo :)

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