Saturday, December 19, 2015

Leech VS Me^^

I have just had a bath and was drying myself under sun. I saw a big black spot on my leg I took a closer look at the black spot and saw it squirming.

As far as I can remember, that was the loudest scream I have ever made in my entire life. I shouted for help while jumping up and down, obviously forgotten that I was only one outside.
Mom rushed from a pavement to rescue me.  When I showed her the black, wriggling thing between my fingers my eyes tightly shut, to my surprise, she screamed too.
I cried my heart out, still jumping, while mom worriedly tried to find a stick to remove the black spot. It was a leech. A huge one!

After few minutes, the leech was finally detached from my skin. Not because mom kept poking it with a stick (Yeah, that’s right. OMG!) but because it had drained up all my blood and now it felt a bit dizzy with this non-stop jumping activity of the host. Leech was on the ground already rolled into the blanket of mud and became grey. It was still squirming. That brought me another goose bump.
That was my first encounter with a leech. I was only little girl then. Apparently, the incident left a remarkably scary impression of a cruel blood-sucking creature in my mind.

Last summer, we had a friend gathering at my friend’s house. I held my phone in one hand and I was merrily sending voice messages in wechat, I got a pop up message in facebook messenger and when I tried to touch on it, my phone accidently fell off on the ground.

 OMG! I yelled to myself, cursing for my carelessness. Its okay, I consoled myself and I wanted to pick up the phone. Yalama,my phone lied near a immense vampire. I was scared! If I try to pick up my it would stick on my hand and I would break down into tears out off fear.

 I didn’t know what to do? I had conflict with that blood sucker. I warned him not to touch my phone.

 When I was shouting at him he was angry and turned towards me. His bulging red eyes brusted outof anger. 

 When he turned other side, I silently picked my phone, without the notice of him! My heart swelled up...

 Ahhh! I got my phone in hand...I was celebrating my victory against leech.  His red eyes got few hairs as well :P Its scary!!!

 I picked up a huge stone to hit him..., he was saying me to love him... but I was all like  "NOooooo"... I was very angry and I was saying,"You blood sucker!!!"

 I hitted him with that huge stone(bang on his body!!)  blood flew like a river and that creature was like a rubber flat on earth, then I had mixture of feelings, I did sobsob!
This is end of the story before reaching Yangchen's home ... :(

After reaching Yanchen's home. I didn't share this story with any one. We ate, talked and laughed cheerfully. That made me to forget all. The whole evening was all about food, movie and friends.  After some while, Yanchen’s  hubby came home, Yanchen was pointing out for the black spot on his right leg, her  eyes was widen already.” Oie choe gi kam na gachimo?” (What’s that on your leg?)  I was busy onto my sip of thick milk coffee. I avoided that, he calmly grabbed leech on his hand. When asked what was inside the hand, he showed it out by flattening his palm to me, and showed the content to everyone,  LEECH!!! Very alive, fat and aggressive too. Goose bumps again! Azaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! I was hiding my face.  It reminded me my horrible experience with a leech that evening.

:( :(
:) :)
Happy Weekend Friends^^
Thanks for reading this hehe!!!
Loads oflove xoxo !!!
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