Friday, December 11, 2015

Thank You Note I ^^ :) :)

 Hello Bishnu,

You know my greatest happiness is to receive books written by my favorite author, about my favorite idol from my finest friend. This is the third time that I have smiled the widest. Thank you so much for the wonderful books that you sent me. Its beautifully wrapped by gift wrapper. I hated to open it but I did as I couldn’t wait. It is a perfect present/ treats for me, not only was it the perfect present (I haven’t been able to put it down!) but it will certainly come in handy for my writing skills as well hehe. You picked the perfect thing!
I am truly grateful for your kindness and generosity!  All the colleagues are super excited to read “MESSI more than a super star” which is great! I also got thrashing words like, “If you have human heart you will allow others to read it first!” Damn me! I carry human heart but for now I be a demon and read it first alright(:P :P:P)  I need to do instantly what I crave for. Now, I have assigned myself, when to read which books. Today, I am reading a book sent by my brother. And next assignment is to read “MESSI more than a super star”.
Someone said, ‘In life you must always celebrate happy endings and new beginnings.’  When I just heard the news about your first job. I just rushed to congratulate you! You remember? :P I know that getting that first job after college is often very difficult , you are very lucky!  And I commend you to be down to the earth. Work hard and give it all you’ve got. You will find more success than you had ever thought. With your background and your artistic talent, you will make a fine contribution to TCC. Best wishes for success and keep in touch.
Again, thank you thank you thank you much for the first salary treat. ‘Kadrinche beyond words’  for remembering me!
Once more, congratulations for your new job! Stay safe^^happy and donot forget to smile!
Much remembrance!
Rupee here J

My happiness is to receive books written by my favorite author, about my favorite idol from my finest friend.Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you.

P.S:  Bishnu Lal Gurung, is younger friend of mine who did his, Diploma Course in Financial Management from (RIM), Semtokha and currently working in Phuntsholing under TCC. This letter is all about sisterly advice for him being in new into job :P :P and also to show gratitude for him being  thoughtful to select me my favorite stuffs.  J

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