Monday, December 21, 2015

My Nephew VS Mr. Barber.

Bath time is supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for children but it’s just contrary when it comes to my nephew’s case… My In-law would promise him saying this and that so that he would happily get into water. 
If his mom says, something like, I will take you to the shop after bath, he will never shed tears, while bathing... Happy toddler after bath :P :P and happily going to barber shop with his mom :P haha ... let's see what happens next: :P

My nephew has always hated to visit the barber. This is evidenced from his shabby hair all long-grown and blondish. Last year before his 3rd birthday we decided he needs a haircut and we planned to take him to the nearest barber.

He never knew it's a barber shop, he was placed in front of huge mirror and he was joyously playing keeping his round-fat finger on mirror smiling and saying something in a voice of toddler.

He cried hysterically when the barber started to cut his hair.
 His mother brought him bag full of chocolates and chips to console him, but he haven't stopped crying yet. 


The second time his mom took him to meet our friendly Mr. Barber, kid started crying just the momet he saw Barber.

The third time we decided he needs a hair cut I was there as well, I was holding his hand and  he started to cry the moment he saw the shop building from very far away and he was pulling himself away from that

Perhaps Mr. Barber should disguise himself as Chotabeem, paint the wall bright and colourful so that it looks like the Hi-5 studio and put candy bowls by the window to attract toddlers like my nephew to come and have a haircut. With mind at peace, of course... haha

PS: Dear Rima I hope you will enjoy this scribbles too :P wink wink...

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