Friday, November 27, 2015

Throwback^^ feelings

Hello everyone, 
How have you been? :) I am smiling at you? 
Ahh! Now I saw you smiling as well hehe :) :).
Well, today I have brought you throwback feelings in me. Happy reading, peaceful night and keep smiling :).

Another way I like to add some fabulous way to live a life is by treating yourself a well deserved gift.  I give a monthly salary treat to myself,  I handover gift every end of the month… You wanna know what I have gifted so far? :P  hehe lets that be a to secret :P  … and also we need to offer some of our income to KenChoSum(Buddha Dharma and Sanga). I have full faith in Capital Him, that’s, “KCS”. Real people hardly exist in this materialistic world. Sometimes the surroundings you live are too suffocating to breath in and you will find nothing real. At this time it's always important to surround yourself with positive, supportive, uplifting people, this becomes an extremely important survival mechanism when you are facing difficult times in your life.

Some friend lift you up, from miles
 and add smiles.

Today I really wanna talk about relationships, where I had bitter-sweet moment with all kinds of relationship that had surrounded me.  Relationships come in various forms, some are with people who live under same roof; who share the same blood, your relatives, friends, neighbor; Some of them live in the same community and others miles away. Some of these people have been in your life for as long as you can remember and others may have recently come into it. Most lift you up when you spend time together, while others drain you mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically ahhh!. Who could be this kind of person in my life? Yes I know you and you know yourself as well .I need not mention here to slam down you. :) :) :) Smile smile smile for you :)
If you have any of the above people in your life it's time to let them go. Be thankful for the time you shared, the lessons learned, but remember YOU matter, your feelings matter, wish them well, love, light peace and move on.
If you recognized any of the above in your relationships it's time to let them go. If for whatever reason you can't just reduce the time you spend with them. That’s what I actually do. 99.9% of my relationship with my community, friends far-near, relatives, colleagues are amazing but I failed to make it flawless just because of 0.1%. Sorry, to the people who falls on 0.1%; your attitude, justifies mine.
  I remember when I began to cut people out of my life like those listed above. It was so hard and yet the peace that followed it was so worth it. Somebody rightly said, ‘Truth is like a  I tried to do it gently but some required blocking of emails and FB. I haven't missed a one because they truly were toxic. It is well worth it and I highly recommend getting toxic people out of your life, immediately!!
:p :P :P :P hehe :) ^^

P.S. - Don't think that you need to spend a huge amunt of money to treat yourself to a well-deserved gift. Even if it's a nap after a long tiring day, a moment in the sun, watching your favorite show, cheering your favorite football club, or wearing makeup and taking selfie, eating your favorite dish, listening to best soothing music, wearing best suit dresses, curling up with a good book are also "Treat to yourself!" hehe menbay ya la(don’t you think so).Yes alright

I am huge fan f FCB and this is a treat for me (wink wink)

Thank you la ;) beyond words :)

 Treat to me !!

It is well worth it !! :)

 Yehaaa AiPee!!
Loads of love (wink wink)

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