Monday, September 09, 2013

We played basketball semi final today... :P

As we wind down the week, we all had a wonderful Monday.  Today was all about bonding as we played sports, performed, and laughed.  We started our day with the morning prayers. Speeches were delivered by two of our friends, beautifully presented. During our Morning class we learned the features of the course lab3; we did many activities within two hours of time... In the afternoon, we came in for an indoor lunch to beat the heat. After that, we had a basket ball match with our 4PCA.  Basketball- our friends learned how to play defense and how to play as a team.  We worked on shooting, passing, and listening to each other on the court.  It was a very successful day in basketball. Every one of my friend showed so much confidence and we are very proud of how we applied our skills.  .  Today's rally was energetic as the boys tried to out cheer the girls, but it was the girls whose spirits were just a little bit higher…

Hehe we played the basketball for fun… if we could score nine basket then we definitely have reached to final… but poor us couldn’t have luck lol.. :P …. 

Snaps for you... :)

Who will catch the ball next... :)

Trying hard to score... :)

Players... :) of my team... :)

With my frn Tiny... After the match... :)
With my frn Sonam Yang... :) 

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