Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I am back, 2016 :)

Hi everyone! 
I’ve been away, I’ve been silent and I’ve been mean to my blog lately ^^ for which I feel tragic. Not extremely sad or exaggeratedly tragic, though because come on, you do know how blogging is becoming an increasingly tough task in this world? Why is it that when I sit down to type something to put on this blog my mind seems to go blank? I've really struggled recently with this question. There are so many things in my head that I know would be better off recorded, but I'm struggling with doing that. Not just here but in my paper journal as well. Not completely sure why.
I’ve been cheating on Blogging with Wechat, facebook, Twitter…
Also, I’ve had been busy bee implementing all transformative pedagogy at school, and I’m a wife, all over the place new wife now. Yes! I’m a wife! Can you believe it? Feels like it was just last month that I met with him who thought I was stubborn, idiosyncratic, funny, babyish, irritable and one day she would love me anyway.

Smiling curve to  welcomw you!

 Wasn’t it just last week that we got married? Ha ha. I know I’m being annoyingly sweet here hehe…
Anyway, back to blog. I didn’t blog then and after my marriage, I literally had no time and I still have no time. Being a teacher is really exhausting, who knew? But then, like they say and like I now know to be true, one smile on face of my children let me forget everything.
So the blog was ignored again. I was regular on FaceBJJk  obviously.
I want my blog posts to be simple jovial and or like minded people to like it. Nothing of the sorts on facebook or wechat.  I’ve never given a damn about who likes the way I scribble, who takes an error or who laughs at my hot-air scribble…
But writing long posts is where my heart lies so here I am – just updating anyone who still reads this blog and has been wondering what’s up with me. .and also to my  like minded friend-readers, who reminded me time and again to update my blog post, told me they missed me a lot in this blogosphere! Sure?
 Yayyyy I am here…. Can you see me :>
Moving on. I will try and be regular because haven’t been a complete disappointment in the scribbling department. Noooo. Though I didn’t blog much but I have bottled up every story to open up… Next post would be about, “How I met him…” wink wink…
I love you all^^

Thank you for still being with me^^
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