Friday, June 27, 2014

Its fun to be with students.

One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers but with gratitude to those who touched student’s human feelings. The curriculums are raw material, but warmth is the crucial element for the growing plant and for the soul of a child.  I am not a brilliant teacher, but I use to master the topic before I enter the class. My class starts with bowl meditation in the higher classes and concentration game in the lower classes student. They love both, so that we can build the friendly atmosphere inside the class room start the lesson.
I am glad I am your teacher Karma, remember
all the fun we had in all the
things we did... you are a very special kid...
Take care and save journey.... Loe you!!!!
We use to lost our way in the worried focus on results and we have forgotten how to be civilized, social beings. Politeness goes a long way. You know I used stick in the beginning, but finally comprehended, using stick ain’t good. Students were uncomfortable, scared of me… uffs that’s not the strategy, I became conscious. So, I totally stopped beating the student. YOYO good habit built in me JAccording to one study, being kind causes the body to release the happy chemical. So being nice to my colleagues and students is must. So that, we all will work happily ever after.
The most happiest day of the teacher are:
1.     When student do their task on time bound.
2.   Giving positive response in the class.
3.   Paying attention to what teachers say.
4.   LOT more J
Student will love if:
1.     they are reinforce after every response.
2.    We share our lunch, sit and eat together J
3.    We give team a remarks after every book check (star, smiley face J, grade )
4.   LOT more… hehe let me not mention more than four points…you know better than me right J.
Reinforcing the poor students will definately bring lot of changes in them.
Similar to students, teachers as well need constant developmental feedback. Remarkably there wasn't even a departmental marking policy so far I guess, As I used to collect feedback form from  a child every month, but so I was being judged without any criteria L
Be happy with your job and always say YOYO to yourself. Be good to others so that you are rewarded with best!!! J

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