Friday, June 27, 2014

What Scares Me?

It really is a simple question, and one more people won't hesitate more than a few seconds to answer. After all, everyone knows something that scares them, even if they won't admit to some of them :P

In today's world, fears are mostly things that frighten us or that we know make life terrifyingly hard. Fears don't keep us alive like they used to. Sure, people in the Trongsa  have great fear towards snakes, bear and leech. As Trongsa is the highest ranked snake population in Bhutan.
You now, I actually like this fear. It's an easy one to challenge myself on. Just climb a ladder until I don't feel comfortable, then push myself a little higher each time…In me what fears me most is the “LEECH” HEHE it may not make any sense when I say that m leech phobia… truly if I happened to encounter with the leech . I'm not going to turn and run screamig but if leech glue on my leg then I will be screaming on the top of my voice. You know, last Sunday, I was invited by one of my colleague for dinner and on the way to her home, one leech glued on my leg.Uffs I nearly died, all my muscles crumbled, eyes turned into snow white, body became like a chilling cold 
metal… I cant imagine that day…uffs!! Now I am stong enough,  I'm probably going to smash it if it comes within reach. If it stays out of reach and minds its own business though, I don't really have any problem co-existing LOL… Do I sound like a cruel woman? Ya I am LOL :P
Next, I am dog phobia too…
Uffs ma’am Sarita’s JACK(name of dog) is hell… When I come to the schools and go back home, I always encounter with Jack uff!! He used to scare me with great fear. You now last time he gnawed on my left leg… I was injected to prevent from rabbies… I cried truly!!
Next day when I was on the way to school, jack was sleeping on the edge of road… again he was growing his voice towards me, you know what I did? I gave him a CHEWING GUM, :P . Luckily I was saved that day… Now he is tied because of his conduct . Happy me lol… Now if I happened to encounter with dog I will not run away, instead I will be standing still to fight LOL :P…That’s hw my colleague taught me. I still used to do it and none of the dog of Samcholing chased me till date after Jack taste. J
I'm not saying all this to try and sound like I'm cooler or braver than anyone else.M still a dog phobia… It's more like I'm sharing some of how well I know myself, to encourage you to look at the things that scare you, challenge yourself to overcome your fears if you can, or try to understand what it is about those things that scare you.

So, what is it that scares YOU? 
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