Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Telephone Rang Beside The Bed^^Planner

Hello friends, It's been almost a month since my last post about Bloggers Meet In Trongsa. I have been very busy with my work lately that I hardly have time to even chat with Ragnomm. I think my body is suffering from my hectic schedule because I have been sickly lately.
I am from Dagana, a place with  over 14 geowgs.  The weather there is warm all most throughout the year so coming here in Trongsa,  was a big adjustment for me especially during my first year.  I literally felt like I was in the freezer on my very first day. Trongsa is colder than Paro :p Though we could experience snowfall in Paro.  haha that’s what I am experiencing, cold wind blows from Black Mountain …that’s weird! :P… Every time when cold season rolls in, I feel like to hibernate.
 I went home during our summer break :) 

I was planning a journey by bus and things got nasty at the end. In the last miles to my destination, events all turned against me, my patience dwindled and yet not hopes. There was a roadblock, the landslide could do nothing better than this. The road that sank promised it would only return after three days or a week."A week?" I tried to frown, putting on a hide for deep down, going back to residence is boring, yet no option. Next day, the telephone rang beside the bed early in the morning and I woke struggling to grab the receiver. A call from AuTsewang(A shopkeeper), “Gari tangmeylo dari, block clear beyanu(Traffic open for today)” I shrinked! Good news it was. A week's job was done overnight, I believed one gets success overnight If only we put determination and hard work in utmost effort. It was almost 7am. I woke up quickly,rushed washroom. Waked my brother and followed the short way. Aww the way seems horrible! I fell down four times...OMG L MY cloth was all painted with muddy sol… I received a call from my mom and I was too emotional then haha. Anyways, I got an ample of time to change my cloths, even I had a time to apply mascara lolx :P bus reached by almost 9am.The block was cleared, thanks to the road maintenance people. Hope was still alive. So,my journey started on 5th of June, reached home by 7th, I stayed for four days; on 13th  I started my journey back to school and its obvious that its two days journey.I promised to spent my next summer vacation here in school only.
I am back to school.  I started my duty when the enrollment started in June 16th.  Everyday is a busiest day for me. After mid-term examination I am taking additional 3 periods, which now I cannot weigh my periods, despite the fact that I am a matron L :P… Anyways, I am teaching the students in lower classes and I know lower class children will rock J I love to be with them.

Following are some of the serious plan for two seasons. As I’ve never been much of a planner although some people thought I was but honestly, I am not. In the first place; I don’t have planner notebooks to scan whenever I feel I have something to jot down or remember an event I missed or a day that I should remember. Although I believe I should have one but as I told you I am not a great planner for my every day. So, this time I want to become a serious and a passionate planner lolx. I am adopting a plan book and I have designed Summer-Autumn scoop :P

This is based on the popular 4-3-2-1  graphic organizers,
 manipulated a bit... I always use this strategy to weigh the students understanding of my lesson.

What a privilege it is to be ourselves and overcome the day being a great planner!
Oh well, I just hope it’s as easy as it is.
Wish me luck for I will really try this starting tomorrow!(lol)
Thank You For Being With Me...
Xoxo till next time :)

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