Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Random highlights of my past 11 days

It's been a bit of a hectic week (or weeks?) at the same time I enjoyed few days out of 11 days :P. I have listed few random highlights of past 11 days...
Besides the majestic coronation celebration of Fifth king on 1st of November and birth anniversary of our beloved Fourth Druk Gyalpo on 11th November. I also enjoyed: winter walks& school picnics; I knitted hat, gloves and a scarf for myself, enjoyed cheering up the archery tournaments organised by Samcholing Middle Secondary School, ran marathon. I also prepared questions for annul examination; I am done with PE rating as well. That’s the highlight of all eleven days.

Student dedicating sppech to HM.
Dedication form gradee one student
1st November, is very special day for we Bhutanese, as it is the day when his majesty the Fourth King of Bhutan, the father of present king abdicated the throne to King Jigme Gesar Namgyal Wangchuk. It is a national holiday in Bhutan. Majestic celebration was held in Samcholing Middle Secondary School organised by all the lady teachers. Where as to mark the day gents teacher were involved in the archery tournaments to raise the fund to donate the money to nearby dratshang (a place where monks resides). Two days archery tournaments mounted up almost sixty thousands, apart from the tournaments prizes for top three winners; we accumulated exactly Ngultrum(Bhutanese currency) 25000. We had made small contribution to Samdrupcholing dratshang.

As a tribute to our fifth king, we lighted 108 butter lamps.

Samdrupcholing dratshang is presently runned by a khenpo(Highly knowledge monk) along with thirteen monks. It’s too pitiful to see the monks, going to the village during the season of rice harvest to solicit a small quantity of rice; so that they can feed themselves for few weeks. It says that samdrupcholing lhakhang is electrified but we cannot see any rice cooker nor curry cooker to cook the rice for monks. So, we teachers planned and organised a fund raising programme; so that we can help them in a little ways we can. We actually planned to buy few kitchens essential so that it will ease the work of monks.

Monks from Samdrup Choling Dratshang, dedicating prayers to Our beloved King. on 11th of Nov.

 60th Birth anniversary of our fourth Druk Gyalpo:
Yesterday, 11th of November again it was a big day for Bhutanese. It was a birth anniversary of our fouth Druk Gyalpo. King Jigme Singye Wangchuk is the longest served king in Bhutan, he has a heart which melts the hearts of his people.
We welcomed the day by hosting of national flag and reciting the national anthem. Welcome speech was given by vice principal. We lighted butter lamp and recited heartfelt prayers by the khenpo, all the monks, students and teachers of Samcholing. As tribute to king, monk displayed mask dances and cultural show by students and teachers. The programme went till 2 PM. And the programme ended up with the distribution of suja(Bhutanese butter tea)and Desi.
Tribute by students to HM
mask dance by monk

cultural show by teachers. 



Lady teachers serving suja-desi to stds.
Welcome speech by vice principal. 
We lighted butter lamps as a tribute to HM

School marathon:
We ran and we ate…
School marathon was scheduled on 8th of November and the picnic was on Saturday, 9th of November.
It was a beautiful, cold and sunny morning which was perfect for a marathon. The marathon was full of runners. We categorized the team runners into four groups: Senior boys,Jr. boys, Sr. girls and Jr. Girls.  We kept different range for different groups of girls and boys. . Everybody was full of energy and prepared for the run. They were in an athletic outfit: shorts, tops, head bands, sneakers and anything you can image... At 7am they started their race’s. I also joined, Jr. Girls: Some went further and some fell back. I kept my pace at a steady normal jog. I wasn't trying to compete anybody but I ran for fun. This was a great event for me. I ran along with a few girls who kept the same pace as me. I ended my race at the finish line in dash-dash minutes :P. I was pretty exhausted, so I ate huge amount of breakfast KIDDING :P.
Enjoyed the beauty of water fall before run <3

Thank you friends for reading my highlights of the last 11 days. 

You didnt c me in the lady dancing group right? Umm I will bring you a story how hard dancing is for me, so stay tuned for that!

 Happy  evening ahead everyone :)

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