Friday, February 13, 2015

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, thanks RNL! ;)

Maam Rima, Norbu Sir and Zamin Laekiii, nominated me for the The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I feel so honored that someone thought my blog was inspiring enough to nominate me! Thank you so so much! It is a great start to the New Year. I couldn’t response immediately as I was ‘full of activity’ during vacation J.

Norbu sir and Miss Leki, I have always enjoyed reading your great posts and Rima maam, I admire your amazing photography skills ;) truly I am in love with your SNAPs ;). Congratulations 3 of you for receiving your blog award, you three are indeed inspiring bloggers. Best Wishes for this New Year. You know it’s the blogger community that makes me keep writing and let me to manufacture close relationships between every one of you la. Keep Blogging. Looking forward to read inspiring post from all of you.

This award is passed onto the blogs which inspire you in this wonderful world of blogging.
The conditions are:

1. Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you
2. List the rules and display the Award on your blog
3. Say 7 facts about yourself
4. Nominate other 15 amazing bloggers for the award, link them and inform them about the nominations.

LOL these are the conditions that I have to fulfill... haha last person indeed :P... It’s okay not to follow the rules la :P I am providing you with an option J 

I have already listed #21 #facts #about #me :p in my last post... seven seems too less LOL :P kidding aside.
Today I will be telling you few facts about ,"Colour your life with crayons..."

  1. Now after I want to make merry to my small space, “Colour your life with crayons”  on AUGUST 9. That’s her Birthday J
  2. At present I have 432 Google followers . M glad J
  3. “Annual cultural festival in our school” attained  670 page views. That’s highest till dateJ
  4. I have 257 posts in my blog, last published on Dec 20, 2014. It’s been long that I couldn’t give attention to my space.L TTT
  5. 'Love To Be a Stalker' :P Stands popular post today.
  6. 47 members joined my blog. Hoping for more entry in 2015 _/\_.
  7. "Colour your life with crayons... Pink-Blue... are d best!!!" was truly dedicated to capital H.I.M :P... but now, he is no more existing in my heartL... hey Blue! be happy! M happy without you...

Following Blogs Are True Inspiration In My Journey Of Blogging.
    1. Maam Rima Reyka at Overcome life.
    2. Riku at Riku Dhan Subba's Blog
    3. Passu sir at PaSsu Diary
    4. Sonam Tenzin at SONAM TENZIN's BLOG
    5. Tshewang sir at Untold Stories and un-revealed thoughts 
    6. Langa sir at Langa Tenzin's Blog
    7. Dumcho sir at Dumcho's NOTEBOOK
    8. Sangay Phuntsho at MY OPEN DIARY
    9. Zamin Sangay at Sangay Cholden's Random Thoughts 
    10. Sherab Tenzin Dorji at Sherab Tenzin's Blog 
    11. Monu T. at THE Abyss of Freedom
    12. Choki Gyeltshen at Journey with Choki G 
    13. Sancha rai at Diary that never tell lies
    14. Norbu Sir at Norbu Wandi's Blog.
    15. Sangay Cholden at Sangay Cholden's Random Thoughts

     Dear blogger friends, I wish you all prosperity, success and good health. Keep painting your blog with words and camera( and nd n & ... I will try to write ore often in future :P) ;)   
                    PlesanT EveninG AheaD!
                 LOadS oF lOVE tO yOU aLL ;)

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