Saturday, December 20, 2014

Love To Be a Stalker.

I think the best part of being me today is being a stalker. I love following people that I do not know, yet I am putting myself to their boat. Unmatched thoughts made me ask myself, how do they manage life like they have? What’s really a life to be like them? Is it happier to be like them than me?
Obviously, a part of me always gets interested why I allow myself to get in touch to their works while mine are too far from them. I don’t think we are neither related to each other, I feel discrete though however I can’t stop following them. Forgive me anyway, I love to trail.
When I am bore and when I am connected with net, what I usually do is I used to go through the blog post of my friends and you know I will not leave the commentary part as well :P. I read everything. I will be always in curiosity who is that person to comment on that particular article. I love to know more about them as if I’m letting consumed my day just merely getting to know them more than what I’m supposed to do. Then, I click his/her link and if I find that person’s comprehension help me in any means or I can explore more and learn more from them. Then positively, I will start following him/her, not personally, I will not do that if they allow me also… fact aside hehe :P.
Until one day I realized that I would love to be stalked too until I wished and there you are guys, lol!
Kidding aside, following other people about their lives changes me, fulfilled some parts of being me today. I do not know but there’s an interest of getting people around me sometimes. I may sound useless, to admit it again more than many times but it is very true, I’m not a writer. I just love to write. That’s also inspired by the people that I follow :P.
But as what everyone knows and probably would say that everybody started like my way. I don’t have heroism to write most of the time but there’s something inside of me aching to just be here to fill my small space.
I have to apologize for being too straight forward today friends. Today I am feeling lonely. I have no friends to count on around me and no one to turn with when I think I need some. Yet I only found this space friendly, who would accept my say. When I felt I have none. Although I know that I am being fenced by many true friends, but still when they are not around me I feel like world seems depopulated and that’s how dreadful I am sometimes. Ultimately, I will always be thankful that I have them.
Don’t worry; I don’t stalk all of you because obviously I don’t know who you are. Just in case anyway, I will be stalking with benefits because we all deserve to share what we have.
So just stalk my page, my pleasure!
Just don’t follow me personally because I won’t have the courage to allow either,lol!
Keep stalking others too and you’ll see the payback afterwards. Who knows, you will be next following by everybody!
Happy Weekend!

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