Monday, December 15, 2014

How can I stop forgetfulness?

When I was young; I prided myself on having a good memory, not only for faces and places, but for the words people speak in their daily lives and I could utter the movie dialogue A to Z, wow! I wish I can have that powerful memory in motion… But now I find that my memory is not so trustworthy. Of course, memories are not neatly filed away so that we gain immediate access to our whole memory bank, for me, memory acts in a most dreamy way. We find ourselves remembering a garden in our childhood, playing and fighting with our childhood friends, memorizing elements in the periodic table, memorizing the mathematics formula or Memorizing the multiplication tables, memorizing Gaseylagleng! Wow! I appreciate my brain for what I did. But the biggest problem with rote memorization is that it can be forgotten after the exam or if I cannot remember the first starting sentence, then I couldn’t start the whole sentences. So, when I reach college I was pretty reluctant and gave minimal importance on studies. I memorized less. Is that the reason why I acquire less memory power today?
My problem is I keep forgetting things where I placed them... and also when I have to get something, then I will go to that place or storage, if I am already there, I forget what I am supposed to get or to do…if I am doing flashback analysis on the problem (e.g. where I placed the thing?), I get stress a lot. What seems to be my problem and a solution? I am really tired of being absentminded; today I forgot where I have placed the list of students who lost their books.
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Nyz,  Tnxx:Yangs, Gangs and Maam Sugar :P for making a grt day :)
Next is, I’m also having trouble. I keep on forgetting what I am about to say to my friends. Sometimes in the middle of a conversation, if someone comes and disturb me, I forget what is the topic that I’m talking about...I can’t continue speaking, because I’m completely at loss about what I try to say or describe before…
and it happened pretty often too… What could be my problem? Please help me…I have been asking myself the questions like:
 Is absentminded a disease?(Scary: Oh NOO!!) Do my friend experiences such things like me?(Wanna hear) Is it just out of interest? (Fun)…How can I be mindful?(Lesson). Please leave me a comment to help me.
Thank you!
Pleasant evening ahead J

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