Friday, December 12, 2014

Who I am

My personality and character are two important features that make me who I am. Although I may have some weaknesses in my character, I am basically the upbeat type.:P.  I try to be as happy as I can most of the time.
Being down or depressed comes with everyone's character at some point. When I come across this point in life, it is one of my weak situations. When something happens that makes me angry, the outcome is always sadness. I let my emotions out but crying or keeping quiet to myself. Depending on what the situations are :P.
Las(okay) let me strike to the point, some would say I am a boring. While others would say that I'm creative, multi talented and very artistic blah blah :P. The truth is, I enjoy writing about my life and events. I like hanging out only with besties. Playing chess and knitting are my favorite activities ;)
Following are the Twenty and One facts about meJ
#1) I love my mom and dad more than any one ;).
#2) I like to spend time alone after work.
#3) I play chess at least twice a week…
#4) I love to eat dumpling (momo) and love to munch numerous chocolate. 
#5) I never broke the heart of my friends. They are always wonderful..

#6) I love my friends and I miss them..
#7) I don’t talk much. I am kinda serious LOL kidding.
#8) I love to try something new every day… (esp. cooking, knitting, and sewing.)
#9) It’s been long time I haven't backbit....hehe.. 
#10) I am all alone here... missing home :(  
Picture in action :P
#11) I am fan of football stars than movie stars.
#12) I don’t miss to watch FCB football match and ‘Ek haseena Thi’.
#13) I do not get hurt easily...thats fact about me.
#14) I love to live and lead a simple life and be infront of the computer.
#15) I hate a lady. ‘full of herself’ not gents... (sorry dats d facts lol!!!)
#16) I keep my phone silent 365 days(Sorry guys, dts d reason why I couldn’t attend your calls)
#17) I always complain about my height…
#18) I never watch scary movie _/\_
#19) I hate flirty guys… 
#20) I love shopping. Esp: baggy-hiphop dresses for my nephew and high heel footwear’s for me…)

#21) I blocked 156 face book friend till date :P
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