Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Most Scary & Bizarre Night Dreams Ever.

Last night I had the extremely Scary & Bizarre Night Dream.
 I have ever experience in all my years here. It was total clear and I knew exactly what I was doing and I could feel everything.
Before I explain my dream, I will start with a bit of back ground about me which might help you to understand more. LOL
Since I was a young girl, I have had a lot of strange dreams where I paralyzed in sleep; I have no ideas what causes it. When I reached class XII; I experienced fewer dreams. As, I slept less than eight hours :P. During college days as well, I use to hang out with friends, assignments, face booking, kept me busy all the times. So, I slept less. Whereas now a day, I have much of leisure time, hence you will find me in front of the TV or reading books. You know reading books will leads me to snooze, in a moment. :P.
 I lately finished, ‘Buddhism in the modern world’ and now I am hanging out with, ’Moment to Remember’.
What actually happen to me is, I doze up during the daytime and at night I will have the scariest dreams. So, I promised not to sleep during the day time and also not to sleep more than eight hours and & n nd no to have the dreams LOL:P. Odd character about me is that, I will always remember only the most weird dreams. I always wanted to remember the most beautiful dreams as well, but by crack of dawn, all the sweet dreams will fade away from my memory. L

In this dream I had, it was a beautiful day the sun was out and it was really bright, there were a few large puffy white clouds. I was on top of a huge cliff surrounded by mountains nothing out of the ordinary. I was alone with heavy heart, searching for a lost child. There were two women, who approached me; I can sketch their creepy faces.:P
At last it was said that the child was my nephew, who will celebrate his 2nd birthday in 20th of January 2015. This is reality. Huh!
When I saw that two scary women; fear suddenly rushed through my body. I started to get a butterfly sensation in my stomach. I felt my heart rate shoot up as they started to approach me. I reclined on the ground and implored them saying, ‘Please, give my nephew back’.
They listened to me and they are kind enough to return him back but they said, ‘We threw your nephew in the river. What so ever, we will use our net and we will take him out.’ By then I fell on the ground, I became numb; my eyes are filled with tears, I was actually paralyzed. I wanted to talk to them but I couldn’t. I wanted to scream I couldn’t. Eww, I never suffered in my real life. I could see them, throwing the net in the river and they bringing a huge bloody lifeless fish and they said, that’s your nephew… Suddenly I was awakened by my friend Yagchen. ‘Rupa, are you okay?
I opened my eyes and then I started to realize it was a dream and started to calm down and suddenly I was completely conscious and was aware I was in my bed, but I was able to open my eyes plus move any part of my body. I could see my entire room, it was dark but I could see everything in my room. I quickly chanted ‘Bazaguru’. Later, I realized that's because it was all a part of the dream realm.
Though scary but I wanted to continue my dreams, just to bring the happy ending. I forced my eyes to close and I wanted to continue my dreams but I couldn’t. I could visualize only the weird faces of those two ladies. I could see rainbow colour of the rays approaching my eyes. I couldn’t sleep. After that, I put on my TV and I watch the football match between Liverpool and Sunderland.
Now, I realized that if I sleep more. I will definitely going to have dreams at night, so I am force myself to stay till 11 PM in the evening and then to be awake by 5am-5:30am. That habit will provide me with ample of time to do the morning activities plus  NO DREAMS AT NIGHT. LOL :D
At the same times, I appreciate my brain, which is really fascinating things. It's like; dreams are some awesome virtual-reality video clips played by the memory of brain. It's amazing what our brains can create sometimes. Despite its scary sometimes, it really is nothing to be concerned about. Remember, video clips of dreams will be played only in the world of fantasy LOL.
Did you have dreams last night and do you remember? J
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