Friday, December 19, 2014

Missing You Apart.

Hi, everyone! Today is Friday which means tomorrow will be Saturday. Obviously it will, right?

I’m congratulating myself that I‘m almost able to surpass the whole week which seems too blur to see back.  I don’t know why I have the feeling of hardship to deal my everyday this week.
Anyways, I’ve been aching to get back to this space and express again, and yet there is so much keeping me busy and fulfilled in other parts of my life.
But more than everything, I miss you all, I love being here that’s why no matter how speechless I might be today, I still have the nerve to be with you. I will not promise anything to post now which makes me better because I am too lazy or do not have all the time to update here so I think I will just be relying of the mood. I will be having whenever I am here. So, I really can be as transparent as what you all might be expecting and that’s how I wanted to do so I can really be of myself with sense too.
Today is holiday but I am desperately missing everyone. I need to be here in the school for again few more days, please don’t ask me why and I will not give you the answer as well LOL HAHA. All my friends left, no students to be seen around eww! felling blue.  Holidays seems torture for me, calling my mom and friends all the way and saying how I miss them.
 Nyz, I have jotted down the big events that happened in last four days…
1. We welcomed new principal.
2. Gave farewell to outgoing students.
3. Gave farewell to seven teachers who were transferred.
4. Celebrated 107th National Day.
5. Declared result on 18th.
I have brought few photos as well. Please have a glanceJ.

With  sinor cjemistry teacher Ma'am Shoba.
Maam Sugar :P
Prizes for class topper, 2014.
Missing you all :)
National Flag On Air, raising high to seek happiness.

Dances performed by Teacherson 17th Dec.
Posing with maam Ganga :) on 17th.

Choesum for National Day.
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