Monday, September 01, 2014

Annual cultural festival in our school

It’s been quite a long since my last post… Life in school sure does keep me busy preparing the lessons for next day, book correction, test paper correction, actually that was part of my life. I hope you’re well and not melting in your work like me but rather doing wonderful alrightJ.  The main reason why I couldn’t visit my blog was because of the cultural festival held in our school. Well, we the family of Samcholing Middle secondary school toiled for a month and finally came up with the annual school cultural festival on Saturday, which was wonderful and it was to the success :P. The main aim of cultural show was to make a school budget so that we can increase the SDF ROFL :D. Kidding.  Our aim was to promote our Bhutanese culture and to create awareness on the students about our culture. Culture actually is what presents us with the kinds of valuable that can fill a life.
Dancing, the most prominent cultural expression of humanity around the world. It plays significant roles in a country’s culture and help to express cultural richness of the country. All the students performed different dances.
Our show started exactly at 6:30 PM, Kinga Rabten’s principal was the chief guest during the show, accompanied by many school teachers and the health workers from nearby health units.
We had six judges from three different schools. They marked the student’s performance with several criteria’s. We are still working on, to take out the top performers of the day… The concert consisted of thirty items, each of which was choreographed by house masters. We house masters toiled hard to come up with different costumes, to embellish the performers.
Performers were divided into two categories(junior and senior), I choreographed singye house senior  and junior’s sigser.
 I have brought few snaps for you, please watch out.
Zhundra dance by my house

Stds on the way to their dance LOL
She stands there with traditional dress :P
How is her outfit :P Pink-Blue LOL

She is in dance form ;) 
Me trying to be a miss Samcholing lol :P
Lil kids excited to dance, "Tulsi agan ma ropula"  :P


Umm yellow earings for sinr. Girls :)
Umm I made hair band for my jr. girls.

Looking back at the concert as a whole, I think the concert was full of pieces which truly embodied the personal history of each choreographer. Everyone placed an absolutely brilliant and unedited version of themselves on the stage and I am proud that I got to be a part of such a wonderful experiences.

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