Monday, September 15, 2014

Picture story^^^ KingaRabten Palace :)

Each Lhakhang I visited made me wonder as everything seems new to me, starting from the statues. I only knew that I would have given more important in enjoying than appreciating the holy sites Happiness grows from appreciating and enjoying is only another phase of happiness. Today the prayers I am saying is different, the wish I make is different than years ago. This shows, that I am matured enough.
Stain of cup on the floor :) 
We had lunch together and back to home, with wonders in my mind.
Students are provided with questionnaires, which they have to answer all the questions with in 15 minutes. The marks they obtained will be added as their CA. 
This is the bed of our second Druk Gyalpo, still preserved.

This palace is looked after by the Dzongpoen Pemala, who is working under national Library. He said, this dzong is now converted into Museum. We could see lots of dzongkha text.
It was believed that our second king expired coughing blood. We could still see the blood stain of our Second Druk Gyalpo.

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