Sunday, September 07, 2014

Day out with history teachers

Maam Yeshi grt. historean of Samcholing 
Watch tower :)
Yesterday, we the history teachers went to Kinga Rabten Palace, The winter residence of the Second King. The history lesson aims took us in that beautiful place… It was wonderful, so beautiful and so historically meaningful for the Bhutanese. And lovely to walk around such a fine place and enjoy the splendid views of the valley…It is still beautiful and could see the work of the olden architecture. The existing of the palace is well preserved.
Maam Ganga, modern historien lol :P
 My first dose of happiness
I know you will fall in love with palace when you arrive. The area where the palace stand was gorgeous. Rolling hills and beautiful flower surrounding it. The floor seems shining, well maintained. The monks living there were very welcoming. We visited the residence of the monk. You know; they were watching tele-vision and they were actually enjoying the new pop Bhutanese song :P ha-ha “modern monk”… I
 uttered that words to me and smiled to myself. Went during day time and it was very quiet, and had our first experience which was great. Great views of the valley. Fascinating to be emerged in the spiritual history of this amazing place. "My first dose of happiness"
work of the olden architecture
I will bring more details of the palace coming week because; I am taking my students for historical visits. We will have question and answer session. I already prepared the questionnaire. Keep visiting :)

Happy week start and happy literacy day :)
  <3 <3
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