Saturday, September 20, 2014

Gift from Singapore :)

The morning was gloomy, snow top Black Mountain smiling to Samcholing. I was rushing towards MP hall, to keep ready my students for role play on a story, as today is the last reading day of the reading week. I was encountered with the gup (head of village). “Kuzuzongpola miss”, he greeted me. Actually I was in hurry, ‘Ah azah Gup kuzuzongpola,’ I replied.
His hand went into his biggest pocket of his gho (gho: Bhutanese men’s dress), I was already thinking that he is surely going to give me some doma (beetle nut), I was prepared for the answer, I don’t take doma la.
I was wrong. He said, “Ye gu chi dhu la madam gii” (there is a letter for you madam, in a respectful manner).
I replied, ’ya gatiley inna asza gup?’ (From where asza gup) I was actually eager, and I never expected such letter from any one truly.
I can’t wait to have my hands on letter. So, he said, ‘Kolkata ley inn mey” (from Kolkata) his hand was still inside the pocket searching for my fastidious letter.
Finally his hand was out of his big pocket and gave me a letter. He was wrong; it was a letter all the way from Singapore. I was so glad, I couldn’t wait to open and I stopped at school canteen despite my busy schedule and opened the letter. Wow!! I was touched, happy and I couldn’t describe my emotion at that particular moment. Maam Rima Reyka my Blogger friend has send me a book marker. Which looked so beautiful, awesome and the colour was so sweet. This blog post is for you maam, Kadinchoee la, sem gai (Thank you so very much maam, I was more than happy) to receive your adorable letter and awe-inspiring book marker, which now I am going to surely start with my book.
Hehe glad to know that we two are huge fans of Doraemon… Give me five!! Infact, I am heavy fans of it… I have huge collection of it at my home. My friend used to treat me with Doremon. Maam truly, I was overjoyed to go through each and every sentence of your letter at the same time I over enjoyed looking at all the characters of Doremon: Shizuka, Nobita, Dorami, Gian,Suneo, Doraemon eww all sweet and cute.  You know last year my best friend had gifted me with a giant fat Doraemon. He cannot move as he is too fat lolx…:P
I just wanted to let you know the things you did for me will not go unnoticed. I appreciate your surprise and I appreciate your gift-giving skills. Many sincere thanks goes to you for such a thoughtful gift. To thoughtful you, from thankful me. I really love my gift. I simply adore it! You are amazing! Your gift had no price tag on it, but if I could tag I would label it as priceless. Thank you ma’am!!!

Happy Sunday.
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