Sunday, September 21, 2014

Reading Tree

The mission of our reading week was: we believe that exposure to books and reading is vital for early childhood development. We seek to promote early literacy in our school through programs that educate the children on the importance of reading and writing. We the teachers worked sacrificing our precious time and came out with the fruitful outcomes of reading week. I already mentioned in my last post about the reading week, the scheduled program and all. I was so happy that my class children topped the wall magazines and class decoration. Competitor includes from class six to ten (exactly ten sections). I being a class teacher they made me proud. We also won the role play of the story. I was acknowledged as well. There were prizes for students as well. Cartons of waiwai, a cartoon of juice, chocolates and bundles of pens for students were awarded. Students were extremely contended and let me not mention on my part LOL .
I didn’t bring the real picture of the yesterday’s program but I just want to show you; the teachers’ contributions on the reading tree . Twenty two teachers contributed their ingenuity in a reading tree. Please identify which one is mine:

mine??? :P

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