Thursday, August 21, 2014


Dad and mom... oodles of love and respect to both of u.
 Parents are probably God's greatest gift to us for they are the ones who have loved us from the moment we came into this world. Whenever, I see the parents of a newborn child, I see that unspeakable love and joy just illuminating their whole face.
Now, I truly knew the value of our parents' love. As I was growing up, I took it for granted. I thought everyone would always love me the way my parents did! Well, needless to say, I learnt over the years that our parents' love is as close to the "unconditional love" of God that we will ever experience. Yet God's Love is incomparable because he loves every SINGLE person whom He created with an UNCONDITIONAL love.  Parents love was the one CONSTANT I could count on. They were always there to support me, to encourage me and to believe in me as I grew up to face life's challenges - most of all they loved me enough to let me go and find my destiny in this modern wrld.
My father was a person who sacrificed his life for my mother and his 4 children. He was not a rich man but I don’t remember ever growing up wanting something and not getting it. He was a very hardworking, responsible and open person. It is from him that I learnt that honesty was priceless. I am always a dad’s princess.

My mother was the disciplined woman in our family. I remember getting slapped by her when my younger brother and I got into mischief as we always did. She was the one make sure we studied, did our home work, household chores and so forth. More than any person in my life, it is my mother who instilled in me the self-confidence, that I could achieve anything.
Thank you baba and mummy for everything… I love both of you always and forever.
Loads of love and respect to both of you…

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