Sunday, August 10, 2014

Green class ^_^

This is my 6th month of being a class teacher, now I knew and reflected that, to teach young kids, it is important that I create a classroom that attracts the young kids to go to school.  If you handle older students, create a classroom that will help the students learn with interest.  A dull and blank room will not motivate students as much as an alive and well-decorated classroom.  Make sure that your room is created to make the students feel at home at the same time interested in learning. .  The way a teacher creates a classroom conducive to learning also depends on what level she is teaching. For young kids, the classroom should be different.  Teachers of young kids should create a classroom that will fit the needs of the young kids.  Teachers however of the older students do not need to emphasize too much in beautifying the classroom with lots of decorations.  What is important to older students is a comfortable classroom where the students could learn more effectively.
         I am notified that before mid-term my class was dull and homely, from the first period only students goes dozed off. So, I used my strategies to create a classroom conducive to learning. Creating a classroom conducive to learning is not so hard. We have to know how to look at the needs of the students and connect them to how you create your classroom.  Always consider the students when creating a classroom in order to help enhance better learning.
         Let me describe my class room using pictures extract from my class YOYO:
       1) We have a choesum in front of the students above the board, which will guide the students to be under the god blessing.

2) We have creative board, to let the students promote their talents and creativity.

3) We have a merits and demerits chart, to mark the student’s behaviors.

I   4) I also have flowers inside the classroom to give them a green knowledge and freshness of greenery.

      5) We also have wall magazines, where students have to write their own stories, essays, poem every first week of a month to boost their writing skills.

      We also have classroom expectations, where students were reminded everytime to do the work on time.

I    We also have the marking criteria for homework, class work, project work in various subjects.
     Our class is also filled with the inspiring educational quotes and teaching learning materials...

Our class floor was colored and made clean by applying the organic plant which gives red dye…

Hehe my class was recognized as the best class… J
I am not blowing my own triumphant and saying that this was the only way to create a conducive class room but you have other strategies as well. The way you deal with your students is a very crucial factor that will help enhance better learning. As a teacher, you need to know how to deal with different types of students.   
You don’t need to be a teacher all the time to your students.  A teacher is one person molded from different personalities.  You could be a good friend, a guardian and a classmate to your students depending on the situation… but don’t let them to take an advantage of you…If student see something lenient character in you then they will start taking an advantage of you… Be strong, be friendly and be a good teacher. ;)

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