Monday, August 04, 2014

^^ Traditional game played in our school^^

Khuru is a traditional game played in Bhutan. Khurus are carved out of hard-wood with a metal tip and there is no restriction on the weight or the size to be played. To strengthen, metal-casing is done on the lower end.
Traditional folk dance on a hit on the target
Preparing to onset the game.
 Yesterday on 3rd of August we have the grand khuru tournament in the school organized by the scout members to promote the school fund. The event was graced by the presence of chief guest Truel ku Rinpochoe from nearby dratshang. The tournament begun with marching ceremony and opening remarks by our Vice principal. The 32 teams turned out yesterday, which was not happened in history of Samcholing in the past. The team came all the way from Bumthang Chumey as well. The entry fee for each team was Nu. 7000…
The mood of the ground was then set by all men’s from different place to compete for khuru… The game was started exactly at 8:30 am in the morning…
We provided the service to people. :P
We ladies teacher were involved in the welfare of the school fund rising… Eww involved whole day selling puri, pajee and aludum… I still have that stink of the oily tuffs…
Umm after lunch, they played quarter final. The final was between Choro Nga, from sacholing, Namthen and Dang-Dong from langthel.
Prizes of the day :)
On 14th round all the three teams scored 8 points, and last lucky 15th round the Chro nga team have defeated langthel’s team with a daya.
Again the battle was between Dang-Dong and Namthel… Dang-Dong deafeted Namthel with a daya…
Charo nga- 9 points  1st
Dang-dong- 9points   2nd
Nathel- 8 ponts.   3rd

The tournament ended with a prizes ceremony.

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