Thursday, July 31, 2014

First sermon of Lord Budha

Maam Gang's, Yangs n maam zarim :P
 Yesterday on 31st of July was the Dup choe zhi or the first sermon of Lord Buddha. It has been declared a national holiday by the government.
Dub choe zhi is generally seen by the Bhutanese to be a very religious day for dedicating oneself towards honest deeds. It was the first day where Bhuddha taught after his enlighten.

 The benefits are multifold for every good action on this day. Almost all Bhutanese find a way to break away from normal life and dedicate themselves towards the spiritual. Monastries, dzongs and drztshanhgs around the country were swamped with devotees.

Toliest labey :P
So, yesterday we premeditated to visit the nearby lhakhangs(temple) to offer the butter lamp. So finally we visited two oldest temples in Trongsa Dzongkhag. The one was the palace of our second queen. The next was the oldest monastery in Bhutan, which was built during the time of guru rinpochoe.
Entertaining bumchu
Both the temples looked strong and beautiful. Inside the palace we could see a lot of weapons, we also saw a pair of zhab lham(shoes) of our late second king, who died in the year of 1952…
Umm we stand equal :P
It is said that second king had two wives so, it was said that; one of the late her majesties resided in this palace. It was beautifully designed and still we could see the work of olden architecture.
Next, we visited the Rayphey lhakhang which was built by Ugyen guru Rinphochoe in the 8th century. The main effigy (toen) inside this temple was the statue of Buddha (ku sung thug gi sangay rinpochoe).

Me n bumchu <3
We visited both the lhakhangs, eight of us were there. We packed our lunch and went; we had lunch, saw the entertainment from labey’s bumchu(daughter), we snapped photo and came back home with heartful of satisfaction. 
I have few shaped of the day... have a look...
Happy day 
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