Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Onset to school from vacation.

I woke up at 3 am in the morning at my parents and then by 3:30 I kissed my dad and moms good bye. Then I placed the luggage in the car of my uncle. This was in the onset of summer vacation. I made this journey back to my school after the vacations. We were not alone; we had group of truckers already on the way. 

By 5:00am we reached Sunkosh, the morning sky was yet to get some light. we stopped at my friend place and she was ready with tea and snacks. Thank you Tenzin(Kuchum Dema) for your morning tea. We really enjoyed your Parle-G LOL :P… Kidding. When we were done with tea and came out of her home. I could feel the warmth of magnificent sun rays striking on my fore head, creeping of summer creature was excellent and summer wind blowing my thin hair and covering my face was pleasurable. Now, our real journey started towards Gelephu, actually I hate the route of Gelephu but I didn’t have option because I didn’t get the bus ticket. That was the reason that forced me to follow the route of Gelephu. 
I had my friend Kencho in Damphu, she made call time and again to stop at her place, “O shek pa ya, zang phai ga shoi na mo… ma sho ni la zi ro chik pey na” umm now, if I don’t stop at her place then she is going to be annoyed. UFFS by 6:45 am I guess we reached at her place. We had breakfast at her place, had fun for a moment and again started our destination. I wished for supplementary time, so that we can gossip more L… We fare welled Damphu and started our real destination. After that I was asleep on comfortable couch of a car. Acually I was in a sleepy mood, because I used to watch world cup(football) till late night and I waked up early to onset the journey,  that let me dozed off.
By 11 am I guess we reached Gelephu, uffs it was very hot there, I was already sweating. We took out the luggage and kept at my Chama’s(Anty) place. We had lunch, went for shopping…
My day ended by licking many ice creams in Gelephu.
Next day, the bus started at 6 AM in the morning. I could feel the thrill of driving on a fast lane listening to traditional Bhutanese song, played by bus driver … Unfortunately, we came across the road block at Gelephu-Zhemgang high way. We stopped there for almost an hour, clearing the road…
Besides me was middle aged women with traditional dress kira and tego, chewing doma as well. Now I had company. Usually it’s my style to chat on whatever topic came to my mind but this time my company was another lively human being. She spoke about her purpose of going to Bumthang, asked my name, job, relationship status, age so on and so forth… We had lunch together; I brought chips and cold drinks for her as well. She accompanied me till I reached Trongsa. After that I fare welled her, she thanked me with big smile.
Umm, now leaving the high way ma’am Ganga came there with Aup Nakula’s TAXI.haha kidding its unknown taxi truly. Then, finally I reached my destination... Dear friends share with me how you all are sepending your summer days. :)
take care.

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