Monday, November 25, 2013

My classmates 2010-2013.

Believe it or not, we've come to the end. It seems like yesterday when we started our classes, and when we met for the first time. Now we've been together for eight semester, and the time is come to show what you can do.
This is just a short message to wish you the best of luck on your exams. I know it is easy to say, but you have to do your best to keep cool and try to show what you have learnt and what you can do. I'm sure you'll do it.
As far as I am concerned, and in spite of what it might have seemed at times, I'm really happy to have you all as my classmates. Love you all!!! 25 of us united and made cool IT/Chemistry… let not forget eachother!!!

 Bijay Archarya: we call him BJ, he had a brilliant IT skills. 
      Bijay Archarya
giant and cool tempered guy, and otherwise most of us would have got his blowing punch for we always tease him. We make fun of him, and he accepts it…He is from Tserang, as per my notice he faced hard time pronouncing things in dzongkha.  Like when he callout “Lhamo” he says “Lamo”.
Gopal Chandra Dungyel Chetri

 Gopal Chandra Dungyel Chetri: Perhaps the longest name in our class. He is frank and comedian of our class. He is a good imitator, He too is a cool tempered guy, many of our class mates make fun of him but he pays no attention. Quite yummy, he always chooses the sincere friends during an assignment time. Never the less, he performed excellent in IT though he couldn’t do well in chemistry.    
    Tashi Yonten: . Cool and reserved type of guy. He is from Sarbang. 
Tashi Y and his btr half.
   Committed to his love. Smart and tall.He had magnetic power where we can always be close to him.
   Hehe best fighter of mine. We use to argue for a little small thing. 
    Never the less, we are good friends. He speak fluent nepali.

T norbu
  Tenzin Norbu: silent boy with four eyes. We call him as battery. He loves last bench, and he rarely speaks in the classroom. Even if he does, he speaks in very low tone, enough for just other person to hear him. Favorite student of madam Hari.She make him to answer her every time.

Beby grg.
 Bal Bdr. Gurung: Every one of us call him as Beby. Crazy in love, stubborn sometimes. I fight maximum with him .. He maintains Korean hair styles. He lives an optimistic life with full
 of ambitions. Intelligent and topper of the class with distinction score. Has great interest in watching movie. Every new movie will occupy space in his laptop by the next day. Playing games is his next keen interest.  He ventures on maintaining his own poem but he failed somewhere due to lots of academics work. This year His Majestry the fifth Druk Gyelpo recognized his outstanding academic performance and he was awarded the certificate.

  Durga Raj: Man with few words. He has frank Heart. Among the boys he is the most dedicated lover. 
Durga-left and damchoe with a baby.
He does not dare speak of other girls than his loving girlfriend. Dedicated. Committed. I see him being with books most of the time. We call him as book worm Durga. 

         Damchoe Gyeltshen: Reserved kind of guy. Dedicated to his wife         and has keen interest in directing movies. He made documentary movie last year.
     Kind in heart. He speaks fluent English. He used to come to the class late but as
       of now he improved a lot, where everybody appreciates looking at his improvement.

Hari Lal- Right.
 Hari Lal Phuyel:  Not so committed in love,hehe kidding... frank, giant with open heart.  He teases our classmates and irritates them pretty well, but not always. He too is my best fighter. We used to fall out for little small things, but not always. We are good friends from hart.

Modhan C.
      Modhan Chetri: Cool, frank and shy boy. His radiating smile collects good friends around him. Frank Heart. Committed with his love at least this year LOL: P.

      Som NathNeupany: Frank with good heart. I didn’t see him arguing with friends though he is my best fighter. He is the only guy who stands without girlfriend, though he wanted one. He lends his helping hand without hesitation. He is the best buddy.

Left- Gajen and Right Mahindra RAi.
Mahindra Rai: Very thin, He is frank, short tempered and comedian of our class. Everybody teases him saying that he is from Africa because of his little dark complexion. Kind and good in heart.  We share brother-sisterhood relationship. He always stands by my side, supporting me constantly though the fault is mine LOL... Poor judgment. At least this year he is committed to his love.

KArma yangwith Karma Dupchu.
 Karma Dupchu: cool and reserved type of guy, with loving heart. He is committed and dedicated to hislove. He is from Mongar. We used to speak in sharshop. He hardly cracks into jokes. His magnetic power attracts all of us to be his friend.

  Aita Raj Limboo: Tallest and thinnest guy in our class. Have great 
Thinley and Aita
interest in politics; we call him as future NC. He is a hardworking guy from our class. I used to argue with him for a simple reason, not out of frustration but just to create fun. He is dedicated to his love.

1Thinley Namgay: Cool and he perform dance very well. Not so very much dedicated to love, though he has someone who loves him truly. He is friendly with kind heart. He never says “NO” whatever we ask for him to do. He loves to keep the punky hairstyles. Has great interest in watching movie.

Ring Top.
    Tshering Tobgay: Everyone calls him as RingTob. Fun loving guy but sometimes he seems to be serious. Cool tempered guy, else Karma Yangdon and Mahindra have got lo from him. They used to make fun of him us take it as joke and unnoticed.     

     Yeshi Zangmo: Dedicated, caring and loving mother. She is very good in English however lacks in chemistry and IT. She has very good counseling skills.
Middle front:Yeshi Zangmo.

    Ugyen Choden: Hardworking, tall and beautiful lady of our class. She has
Pema and Ugyen
     very good presentation skills.  Maintaining chemistry note is                                            her keen interest.

  Pema Lhaden: Thin and beautiful ladyof our class.  She is idealistic so, every one call her as HOTTY.  She is little flexible doing an assignments and all. However, she perform perfectly well during examination. Dedicated to her love, frank and fun loving lady. She loves dancing and hang up with her friends.

KArma and Ugyen
Karma Yangdon: She can talk incessantly, non-stop. She loves beautifying herself. Her dress is all modern and knows a lot about cosmetics. Makeup perfectly suits her. She has beautiful heart as her outer look. She never says “NO” when we ask for any kind of help. Good friend of us. We spend most of the times together chatting and eating. She speaks a lot, for a person like me I have to find a place to take my turn to speak. She loves to eat PIZZA.

.  Ugyen Tshomo: Everyone calls her as “TINY”. She is thin and good in heart. Dedicated to her love. Has good voice to sing. She is more concerned to her hair than the books. She is kind of flexile, when comes to academic but perform perfectly fine during exam. Every clothes she wears should be matching and suits her streamlining body. We are good friends; she uplifts me sometimes,by thanking me for being her good friend.

Rupa & Sonam Choki...
   Sonam choki, She is from Punakha.  Mostly remains in her own dream world. She speaks soft and smooth.  But she at least laughs when she is happy. She likes playing around like a kid, and used to drink numerous bottle of amul kool and munch kurkure . True lover but bitterly betrayed. Cool life she leads. She has a glasses bigger than her face. But she never wore it outside the classroom.heeh. Good friend of mine.

Gajendra and lhamo
Lhamo, shortest name perhaps in our class.  Fashionable, Modern and frank! she does not have any nickname, though she like having one…She is from Paro, so some time she speaks in Parop acent.”Gam bay”
She is friendly with boys as well as girl.

    Gajendra rai: White complexion with medium height. Keeps on smiling. True lover but bitterly betrayed, I feel, but now everything was healed and lead his optimistic life. He loves to play all kind of games and sports. His radiating smiles attract lots of friends, who keep him safe all the times.

                                         Sonam Yangzom(Tenn Yang)as far as I know her closely,  she has compassionate heart, true lover. She
SonamYangzom and Rupa Grg.
is from Mongar, and speaks fluent Nepali with correct pronunciation. True lover by nature, hurt brings her tears but heals super fine next day. But lives an optimistic life with full of ambitions. She is emotionally weak. Closest friend of mine as we studied together since class seven. We are very close to each other. We have been together as best friend since class seven. We never fought or argued, everybody will fall in love with the beauty of our friendship.
Most of the time I find her as my nearest Google to learn new sharshop terminology. She is my guru where i learnt sharshop dialect.  Love you lots.

  Rupa Gurung; She is popularly known as nothing lol… she is from Dagana. She is very harsh, especially with men. Most of her classmates call her as “CHUCHII”. For her, smile is the strength because she keeps on smiling so nobody will notice or finds her pain.  ..She loves kitty very much and eats ice creams, lays green and chocolate a lot.
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