Monday, November 18, 2013

Last class... ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

3 Noon on Nov 18th  2013 was technically my last class in college life!! I have truly enjoyed life to the fullest here and I am now in a transition period between College and Corporate life. And to add more zing to the whole thing are the 8th semester exams which willheldon 29th of Nov!! What can I say … This too will pass???LOL
Well well,  Life is full of memories; pleasant and unpleasant. Some of the memories are forgotten easily. But, there are some memories that go a long way in life. They are ever green in mind. We can recall them anytime, anywhere. First day entering inside the class in the college and the last day out off the class in college were always counted and remembered in one’s life.
          My first day in college were still green in my mind. I will never forget it. It is important for many known and unknown reasons. It was a wonderful day indeed. I entered the class with loads of embarrassment and total blush, in front of unknown friends and unfamiliar tutor. However, as the time passed by everyone became friends and everything became unfamiliar to familiar. It’s truly heartbreaking to leave our beautiful college campus, the loved one, knowledgeable tutors and the most attached persons in ones life. However, as someone truly stated that, “meeting and departing are the part of life.”
 Everything looked strange to me today, though very familiar. I had strange feelings these days. It was going to be my last day in college very soon. RIP!!

 Today we had last class with ma’am Hari, she made a speech. She inspired us with her experiences. She aslo expressed good wishes for all of us.
In the mean time listening to my tutor, I was sadden and my heart became heavy. This memory will remain green in my heart forever. I won’t be able to scrape these memories from my mind. However, still there will be last meeting on Wednesday because we are planning to give tea party to our entire tutor who imparted us with their wisdom.
our class with ma'amhari... <3 
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