Saturday, November 09, 2013

I don't wanna be Jack :P

Hello friends, I have neglected my poor little space for a while shoot me lol. My life for the past week has been too academic… I seriously need some fun! (Inspired by the cliche: 'all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy) I don't wanna be Jack lol... I definitely gonna watch movie tonight. I am ready to watch Krish3. YAY! It's winter. Even though I have a lot to do this winter I will try to relax. I promise to be chill this winter guys. There are so many things I want to do, like preparing for RCSE(Royal civil service examination), take a trip with my friends and Learn dzongkha.

cold weather makes me happy :)
 Anyways, I just wanted to comment on the cold weather and why it makes me happy. The reasons are:
1. I like looking fashionable in nice pink scarf.
2. I actually like the formal uniform and for some reason winter feel like an appropriate time to wear it every day.
3. I get opportunity to wear fashionable coats.
4. The crispy air makes me feel awake and lively.
5. View of snow on the mountain top.
6. Sitting in front of heater with snacks.

Winter is the best season that I love the most. Hey winter reminds something, this winter will be unusual for me as I will do away with my studies and get into real field. Surely it will be a bitter sweet moment for me.
Bitter because; as the year comes to a close I've been thinking about my senior year and then going off from college. I finally realized what this will mean for my friendships. Most of my friends will be leaving college. 
With my bestie Yangsoo..
They say, FRIENDS of schooling days are those who you can never forget… If Life was good at Dagana, you were one of the leading reasons behind it… If life was beautiful at Damphu you were the biggest reason to me. If life was fun here at Paro College you were the main reason behind it.  I know I haven’t nurtured our friendship enough..but U are an irreplaceable part of my life.. from running away from the hostel during lunch break, to sharing every little pocket money we had, eating chillis,  talking late nights , making fun of others (haha I remember Compound eye and chara”)by locking the room, do you remember how fan we are to
watch the action movies of Jet Li? We used to run from hostel and watch the movies. Eating marie biscuits without chewing during study hours. Dancing to our little secrets… too small to all the mischievous things we did , haha and those horlicks during exam times, nothing hidden between us.. I won’t say time changed, nor u or me… Maybe those moments were to be remembered like I did today and smile at every moment we lived life was so much fun being with u… As I look back now, those two girls sitting on the first bench..have lost within us… I would never really thank you for what u have given me in my life.. you are part of my heart.. Love u loads...I wish I could go back in time and live those moments again…
 I will miss you terribly and I can't help but to think with dread that our close-knit relationships will disintegrate and I really don't want that to happen. I understand that we might grow a part a little; it's only natural when people don't see each other for a while their relationships aren't quite as close. However, I'm definitely not ready to give up my family in the form of friends. So, a shout out to my friend...I love you and we have to keep in touch!
From: Rupa.

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