Friday, November 22, 2013

Fare well Dinner...

Hello friends and family! This won’t be a very long post as I cannot be in front of the computer for too long. Focusing more in front of the computer gives more irritation to my eyes. Umm I am little concerned about my eyes lol.

sel roti with alu dam :P
Whatsoever, I am writing this blog post just to pay my token of gratitude to our junior ladies of PCE. Today, we had a fare well dinner by junior ladies to the entire boarder outgoing final year students. The program started with the well come speech by women’s provost, and we were served with sel roti (bread).Ma’am highlighted the importance of sel roti to be served first. The main purpose why we were served with sel roti was that after years of departure, we have to walk on the ring of sel roti and again come back together with lots of motivating thoughts. She said, “We have to meet again in future.”

We had fun time with our provost; 
she is jolly, strict and compassionate with kind and loving heart. We had yummy dinner together. She also awarded the khaddar to all the hardworking councilors. Finally we had photo session, we hugged, wrote the message in the piece of cloths and fare welled everyone present in the crowd.

Thank you all for your ceremonial dinner. We final year students really enjoyed everything that you all prepare for us.

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