Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My all prayers are for Nepal... AllNepali Daju-bhai... dedi-bainee stay safe...

Yesterday on auspicious day, towards 8:00 am, all the families of SamcholingMiddle Secondary School, gathered in MP Hall to mark the death anniversary of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel and to offer our sincere prayers and butter lamp to all the victims, families and all Nepalese, In fact the devastating earthquake and series of aftershocks has made vulnerable the serenity of thousands of minds.

Let me pray for Nepal…
To the soul of lost lives,
To the lives in pain and people in woe…
I pray for you dear people of Nepal…
I am sorry for all mishaps..
Let this tragedy not return in days ahead in Nepal…
Let this disaster not return in days ahead in any nation…
All grasses are crying out of sadness,
All trees are crying out of loneliness,
The lands are crying out of calamity,
The peoples are crying out of difficulty,
Everything is just so sad in Nepal.
I know, time wipes tears from all faces
I know, time wipes fears from all places
Buddha Blesses to all Nepalese.
Till from sadness they're removed.

May death souls shall fly
perhaps from star to star
Reaching their destination
and find Heaven’s gate ajar.

I know, time wipes tears from all faces
Whose hearts are tuned to sorrow.
Those that cry a thousand tears
Shall be blessed by tomorrow.
                             Buddha Bless all the people of Nepal…
In fact Buddha blesses us always.
Dear reader, you can make good virtue
By praying and supporting them.
Let’s not wait…Let’s act
Liven up your humanity.
When life is too short and dear,
Have a humanitarian heart.
<3 <3 <3
Buddha, please bring back the peace soon in the minds of thousands of Neaplese… _/\_

Blessed to be with mom <3 u mommy and wish you a very long live,,,

My all prayers are for Nepal… _/\_

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