Friday, April 03, 2015

APRIL the BEST ^_^

My life recently was really consumed by my work because if you notice the interval of my post, it takes several months before making new post. March had just come to an end without my attention at all.
I had no idea realizing how March just marched by without a knock on me. Kidding aside! Of course, it does! My monthly reports reminded me anyway. It only implies how work really worked for me the entire month. Okay, but that’s not the thing.
Yes to my LOVE month! My ever favorite month! Yes, did I ever share with you that APRIL is my favorite month… Some of you might have ideas, why I love this month as some might even have no idea at all. You know, because of so many reasons I love capital APRIL. Nothing to worry, I’ll let you know but not today.
I’m not even sure and clueless what to expect so I rather tend to surprise you. Come again, myself! Surprising you?!  Yes, surprising you! What’s wrong of surprises anyway? lol! Seriously, I anticipated this month too and I love the surprises that might be happening on this month. If you happened to read my post previously then you will feel the heaviness of how I dealt my every day. Surprisingly, the approach of April just inspires me a lot and feels me amazingly excited thinking of the reasons that made me to love this month.
My apology anyway for being so transparent lately, I know I should have shared better and inspiring post rather than posting insignificant write-up. 
I have brought you some photos of events of the past month which I supposed to post it early sorry for delay. Please have a glace.
The Annual School Rimdro, presided by Khenpo Tempa Rabgay concluded on 28th March 2015. Much to our own relief. It was especially satisfying for me as I was nursing personal bereavement too. 

Friends 4eva
 The thought to roam around during weekend really isn’t my cup of tea always. I’m really not the type who usually goes out every weekend because I rarely have the passion staying outside. I work straightly more than eight hours a day plus five hours every Saturday. All totaled to forty five hours, right? Please correct me if I am not. So how’s that? Definitely my everyday will surely just surpass on my basically routine as heavy as that, huh!
But I believe that no matter how our everyday runs, the uniqueness to spend our daily routines is still in our hands. It’s still in us to bring up our everyday!
So here’s weekend escapade with my friends...

weekend escapade with my friend the most bful Bumthabzam on 21st of March… Explored her place... Thank you zaminn...

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