Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Face book

This internet website is basically a social website. It basically talks about socializing the people all around the world. I found this website both educative and communicative. It also acts as the source of entertainment and entertains huge people across the world. This website connects you to different places and people of the world and alive your social interaction. This website helps you and keeps you interactive all the time. It also built your relationship with different people of the world and keeps you up dated. You can also use this website as communicative and interactive tools for learning. You can post your doubts and misunderstanding online or through email and get the help from other people at cheaper cost.

The interface or the screen resolution of this website is convenient to read and go through, which means the website is reader or user friendly. The face book has many other links to other websites. You are connected to Gmail, yahoo, hotmail, ymail, and many other websites. Here we are able to search our friends, send email and messages, chat online, see the images, videos, and many other important things. We can also comment on each other and share our thoughts with all the people around the world. We also get some of the advertisement here. For example, Radio Valley and other corporations leave their advertisements here too...bBay is the famous group in facebook till date

There are lots of multi-media used here. The multi-media used here are texts, videos, animations, graphics, even audio, and so on. And these multi media are appropriately used.

This website is distracting if not used carefully. The most of the young children misuses this website. They do not use for educative purposes rather they use for chatting purposes for self pleasure.

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