Friday, April 19, 2013

Zhabrung Kuchoe

Today 20th of April is auspicious day for we Bhutanese, as today is Zhabrung Kuchoe... Zhabdrung Kuchoe marks the birthday of the Zhabdrung. He is the founder of the Drugpa Kagyu tradition of Bhutan. He was born in Tibet in 1594 into a princely family of Gya who ruled the Drukpa Kaygupa school. In Bhutan the Shabdrung is revered as the third most important personality behind Guru Rimpoche and the Buddha. Commemorates the passing of Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal in 1651 CE at the Punakha Dzong on the tenth day of the fourth month in the Lunar Calendar. A day for religious ceremonies, all dzongs in Bhutan conduct funeral ceremonies for Rinpoche...
This year Paro College of education organised a prayer chanting ceremony whole day with his holiness the Chula Lopen. More than 1000 devotees got the blessing from His Holiness the Chula lopen. The devotees comprising faculty, staff and students of Paro College of Education and local residents gathered in the college’s gymnasium by 7:30 am.
After the arrival of His Holiness (which was accompanied with a lot of flashes as most of the devotees took pictureson their mobile phones). Reciated Jigten Wangchuck in different tone, just to remember and thank our great leader of our country...

We all are provided with lunch, cold drinks, tea and biscuits as well... The program ended by the mask dance organised by our college... 

The meaning of the prayer that we have chanted are as follows:

“Jigten Wangchuck Thukjey Lamthreng Yul”
In the land enrished by the blessing of the King of living beings
“Gyelkuen khentsey datung jeypala”
The contineous services that is provided beyond the knowledge of everyone,
“Phendey drisung chigyang troweenyen”
The beneficial writings and preaching that is always melodious to listen,
“Ngawang Namgyel Zhabla chagtshel due”
I bow at the feet of Ngawang Namgyel.

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