Thursday, January 23, 2014

Nailed my RCSE exam.

Hello my blogger friend and reader! How are you? I hope that year 2014 has been a good one for  you, bringing many good luck in your families, in your professional life and personal life as well...  January, 2014 for me was busy bee month. Preparing for my final RCSE examination. I just wanted to share you that I nailed my final exam of my life today. Remember: The word final means there is no more... it is over... it is finished. Until I go for a master degree. For obvious reasons I didn’t blogged and neglected my small space, you already know right hehe.. .I have a big February of blogging plan, which I’m looking forward to!
Yes, it has been seventeen years in school and I did many examinations. To be frank I passed every examination. Hehe am I blowing my own triumph?  I always took examination as an easy task. However today it was different, today I did viva voce. I was already little nervous because I didn’t prepare for my oral examination. I thought that dzongkha, they will allow me to read a piece and they will ask me to translate, that’s not a problem for me. However after reaching inside the hall, the setting was different. Chair intervier in between, then surrounded by other four members. First of all  I introduced myself after that the chief interviewer said, you have to response us in whatever the language we asked. I said, “ok la” shaking my head. After that first question thrown to me was, I have to talk 5 minutes about GNH in dzongkha. Ufss that was then most difficult task for me. I was already visualizing what’s the four pillar call in dzongkha? What about domains… You know how I started hehe… Gelyoung ga-kigh pelzom zer mi di GNH inn la. :P haha that’s the funniest part of my interviewing session. I didn’t talk either about pillar nor domains’, however I bluffed keeping the classroom situation.
I could response well in chemistry session, general knowledge and current affair but I am saddened by the IT round. I couldn’t answer the questions like, who is the founder of Google? In what unit the CPU is measured? And many more that’s very simple that’s why I meant to mention. I talked to myself saying that I am not like to be an IT teacher.
Over all I feel myself that I did kind of okay. The stress, worry and panicking about examination has been washed away from me… uffs m at least relieved. A sort of conquering feeling umm. Shhhh what will be my result, will I pass my examination??? Who will grantee me that I will bring a better result… Umm _/\_ Lama kenchosum halp me to get better result. Thank you friend for reading my hotchpotch piece of scribble by spending your precious time. Wish me for better result of mine LOL :P hehe.
Keep visiting I will bring you, some more writing next time though it’s not really a useful piece for you.
With love Rupaxxx…
Till next time annyoung!! ^_^

Have a wonderful week!!

Be blessed!

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