Sunday, June 21, 2015


I have been quiet lately and I need to apologize sincerely for neglecting you all. I am here now and I promise to never leave you again. Don’t worry though; I brought the best for you. I had brought the  #FathersDay , #WorldMusicDay and #FirstDayOfSummer.

Today I was brought to this space just to REMIND myself and to let you know; I love my dad (most), music and longest day (equally) ;) Today, I am here in different place watching different people around… Just a minute ago,  I was lost in thought, (Why do some (not all) people with money think they are better than others? What gives them the right to be so rude? To look down on us common folk and sneer?) haha that’s what I was pondering , forget it..That’s their lives, let them live the way they are. :P.
To tell you the truth, I got an appointment and I have to be in attendance right at 9:00 am tomorrow. I hope I will have a good result… Hoping for the best .
I was travelled by the bus, seated in the last corner by the window side. I always try for the window whenever I travel still because most of the time I get nausea and I never reach my destination without puking once(not now, still fear of it and it will bring me huge embarrassment) For the very reason I had developed a very bad habit of staying mute throughout the day whenever I travel. I always compelled myself to sleep the whole day and somehow get to it. So, I thought today day is no exception. But it all turned out to be different. My seat partner wanted to talk. I didn’t feel the need to talk though. But I thought I can’t be that cruel to the stranger. So, I gave a try. He introduced himself and I did my part. He seemed to be in his mid thirties. He had a slim body but the hands and legs seemed tough and sturdy. He wore a bunch of scattered beard. His weary face seemed to say something. And it seemed that life have given him so much of experiences that he just couldn’t handle it sometimes. 
He talked of his school days. I listen to others more than taking. I am neither talkative nor gloomy but I am very good listener LOLx :P ;)
He might have thought I am interested in his story, amama he talked, excitedly. I wished I can be away from his story and put on my microphone and listen to a very good music, but he never gave me a chance to do that. Ahh finally, a ringtone in his phone(wistle, as he is carrying a brand Samsung) finally he was busy on his phone and I could quickly  swap  on music(I was selfish L) Yes I did it! I was listening to“Jeena Jeena” though old song but lately became favorite as this song really connects me to my life. Today is World Music Day and for today, I have choosen JEEna-Jeena as music for the day. Music has almost been essential in my life. It has been total company ever since I knew the world is quite far from me and healing my pain. I own no good voice but I am a very good bathroom singer LOLx :P. Happy World Music Day… Music heals our inner pain, console and it will assimilate to our real life,..
Thank You Music .Today You Stand As My World. My dad is the main reason behind to reach me to the world of music, I was gifted a MP3 and digital radio when I was in class eleven. Since then music became my world. Truly, I don’t watch movies, I spent maximum of my time listening to music. 
Want to know why I keep on writing nonsense?
Because my dad always told me that I had talent, even when I didn’t.
Want to know why I keep my head high even I fail?

Because I had understood the real meaning of failure from my dad, my dad always said, ‘Try for the second chance. I am proud of you’ even when I failed.
Baba for all those good reasons, for all those sacrifices you have made, for all your love and concern, I love you more today. I will Always remember, no matter where I am or how old I get, I will always love you and I will always be your princess and little girl forever <3
Happy Fathers Day, to my daddy (baba) and all the fathers of the world. ;)
It says summer solstice is the longest day but for me today it’s too short. It’s already an hour of darkness when I make a post.
Anyways, Happy Summer To All My Dear Readers…
Thanks For Being With Me Again J
Love You All…
Good Night ;)

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