Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Meeting with my best friend...

I have a bunch of friends and I have a little bit smaller bunch of really good friends. I also have a few best friends, but on top of them, I have the best of the best.

Today i met my best friend after a long gap. Just a  hr. M  pretty happy that I met with my best friend. 
 life has changed now, we do not even get time to spend with friends. Only 1 hour?  uff...
This is for all my friends, enjoy each nd every moment, who knows when these moment will turn into memories.
Today is also a day added to my book of memories. :(
Cath you all later... I am having semister exam tomarrow. So, less word today... I alyways believe that when heart are full then definitely there will be less words to be uttered. 
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