Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My impression at Paro College of Education.

This is my first time visit to Paro and also this institute the Paro College of Education. I joined the hostel on 20th March 2010 evening, the councilor distributed the room for us. At that moment my impression are quite good. As I have been staying borders for last six years. I don’t feel sad to stay as a border because I feel glad to spend my time with friends chatting, remembering all those past memories. But I miss my family and relatives. I felt very happy to say that I am here in the Paro College as a student teacher. The campus of Paro College is very beautiful and greet when consular escort us for campus orientations.
When we say PCE, some of my friends discourage me not to join in teacher. Leading the whole life with bell. But I reply them by saying that, to do a work we need interest then we would lead a peaceful life with no burden and hurry. My impression after joining this college, I felt very happy. Because I felt as if I am free from the jail and enjoying the life of ordinary people. Getting into the college is not an easy task we have to struggle a lot and work hard to land up somewhere to become somebody.I
It’s my third day of joining the college and all the things are quite familiar. As time passes everything about the college would be very familiar to me.
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